The Newly Launched Encoders By Renishaw – FORTiS

Global engineering and scientific technology company Renishaw has recently unveiled a new range of enclosed linear absolute encoders. The next-generation FORTiS absolute encoder series is ideal for demanding motion control applications. They can help solve metrology challenges even under the harshest conditions. To make its innovative offerings available to a wide range of industries across the world, Renishaw has established a global sales and support group. This network includes authorized Renishaw distributors.

Unique Features of the New Linear Encoders From Renishaw

The design of the FORTiS absolute encoders is based on the industry-proven RESOLUTE encoder technology. These breakthrough linear encoders have high resistance against liquids, swarfs, and other solid debris contaminants.

FORTiS has excellent repeatability, reduced hysteresis, and higher measurement performance, thanks to its non-contact mechanical design. Renishaw has also developed the advanced DuraSeal lip seals to incorporate into the FORTiS design. That way, FORTiS absolute encoders have superior resistance to wear and machine tool lubricants, as well as excellent sealing and ingress protection.

Available Extrusion Profiles

The FORTiS linear encoders from Renishaw come in two different extrusion profiles to meet customers’ space requirements.

The FORTiS-S allows direct installation to a machined surface through the flexure holes in the extrusion’s body. FORTiS-S is the standard-sized encoder. It is available in a range of measuring lengths, from 14 mm to 3,040 mm.

On the other end, the FORTiS-N encoder has a narrower cross-section extrusion and a more compact readhead. These design features make it ideal for installation in confined spaces. Renishaw offers FORTiS-N in measuring lengths of 70 to 2,040 mm. There are two options to mount FORTiS-N directly to a machined surface:

  • Two end cap mounting holes
  • A mounting spar for more rigidity

Additional Benefits

There are many additional benefits offered by the new linear encoders from Renishaw. FORTiS linear encoders have a robust design, meaning they can stand up to demanding applications and are suitable for use in harsh environments.

FORTiS can resist a wide range of mechanical shock and vibration effects. These new encoders can provide a class-leading 30 g of vibration resistance. In addition, their installation is quick and easy, saving users manufacturing and servicing time.

Buy Linear Absolute Encoders From Authorized Renishaw Distributors

If you need top-of-the-line linear absolute encoders, turn to Maintenance Diagnostic Systems, Inc. As one of the authorized Renishaw distributors, we can give you access to resources and tools to make your operations more productive and efficient. The Renishaw brand is continuously launching ground-breaking products, like the new FORTiS line of enclosed linear absolute encoders. Contact Maintenance Diagnostic Systems today if you want to know how Renishaw’s advanced linear encoders can benefit your business.