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Precision Measuring Tools and Motion Control Solutions that Drive Innovation

From jet planes to laboratory equipment, today’s life-changing technologies require ultimate accuracy—and mere microns can make the difference. For more than 125 years, HEIDENHAIN has delivered the trusted precision measurement and motion control solutions behind the machines and devices that move us forward. Our products enable everything from improved manufacturing processes to safer, more reliable medical diagnostics—and we’ve perfected the delicate balance of cutting-edge innovation and universal compatibility.

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Heidenhain General Catalog

Heidenhain specializes in Linear Encoders, Length Gauges, Angle Encoders, Rotary Encoders, Contouring Controls, Touch Probes, Evaluation Electronics, Digital Readouts and more. This General Catalog offers you an overview of the HEIDENHAIN product program. Refer to the specific product documentation for more products and documentation.


Download the Heidenhain General Catalog here