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“Switzerland, the country that has traditionally been particular about things, and is thus synonymous with precision work around the world.”

Birthplace of groundbreaking metrological innovations in Switzerland, the country that has traditionally strived for ever greater exactness and is thus synonymous with precision work around the world. We have consistently been on the right path with our innovations since 1928. In the process, our consistent attentionto the wishes and demands of our clients has made a significant contribution.

The result is unsurpassed solutions in the area of electronic inclination measurement, inclination sensors, measurement software and precision spirit levels.


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Wyler Products

If you are looking for Wyler products, then Maintenance Diagnostic Systems, Inc. is one of the top Wyler AG distributors in the area. Wyler carries a large variety of products that you can use at your company.

Measuring Instruments

Whether you need to measure large inclines or get a precise measurement on a machine, Wyler’s measuring instruments can do the job. You can get compact devices to fit in a smaller area.

Monitoring Sensors

As safety requirements increase, your company may need to monitor certain areas. The sensors from Wyler can help you monitor tunnels, buildings, dams, and bridges, among other structures. The inclination sensors are especially well-suited for this purpose.


You can also get a clinometer for measuring slopes and elevations related to gravity. The measurements from these tools are easy to evaluate and work with many applications. This works well for taking measurements in the field, and you can choose from several different types. These include bubble, screw, and digital clinometers. You will find that each is easy to use.

When you work with Maintenance Diagnostic Systems, Inc., you will be working with one of the best Wyler AG distributors around. We offer products that you can trust.