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Producing today’s advanced technological products, from mobile phones to medical devices, requires measurements of incredibly small magnitude. Developers call us because of our reputation as partners—working alongside them to provide unique solutions to their unique measurement problems. A significant portion of our sales includes custom designs to suit specific applications. The development of the next generation of high-tech products requires tiny measurements—we make it possible.

We have worked with research universities, national laboratories, and some of the world’s largest and smallest companies to solve position measurement problems in a multitude of industries — disk drive, semiconductor, manufacturing, metal forming, automotive, packaging. We are a machine designer’s best friend.

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Spindle Check


SpindleCheck™ is a system of hardware, software, and sensors that easily measures a machine’s capability to produce parts to spec. and creates reports that make that information accessible to everyone who needs to know.

Part rejection, spindle failure, and unexpected down time hurt your ability to deliver to your customers. Preserve your reputation and save time, money and frustration – know how your machine is performing. You don’t have to guess. Be confident. Know your machine tool.

It’s well known that measuring machine performance is a valuable practice that affects the bottom line. Many high-precision shops regularly use a telescoping ballbar to measure and track machine performance. Spindle performance also plays a major role in part quality and in lost machine time due to failure; why wouldn’t you measure that too? Now you can.

Making Machine Tool Measurements

Quick and Easy Measurement
The system is designed to setup less than five minutes. Run the spindle at your desired test speeds and know how the spindle is performing in just a few minutes.

Wireless Sensor System
Four noncontact probes mount in a magnetic base on the table. A high-precision target pin is placed in the tool holder. Connect the probes to the battery-operated, wireless electronics, move the pin into position in front of the probes and you’re ready to measure.

SpindleCheck Software
Software running on a nearby laptop or tablet connects wirelessly to the sensor system so you can run doors-closed. The software takes and presents the measurement results on screen and in printed reports

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Lion Precision Products

Maintenance Diagnostic Systems, Inc. is one of the top Lion Precision distributors in the area. This brand offers precision sensors that you can use for a variety of different applications. We know that our customers expect quality products that have a high level of precision. Many of the products from Lion Precision offer an angstrom or sub-nanometer level of resolution.

This cutting-edge technology can validate many precision systems. Whether you need to increase your line throughput, gain data and analytics, or develop new technology, the Lion Precision sensors offer the capability that your company needs. If you want to produce technology, then you need to use the best technology that is available.

Products From Lion Precision

There is a wide range of Lion Precision products you can choose from:

  • Capacitive sensors: These are high-performance sensors that can work with a variety of different applications.
  • Eddy-Current sensors: If you have a tough or dirty environment, the Eddy-Current sensors will hold up well and give you real-time data.
  • Label sensors: If you need a compact sensor, then the label sensor is for you. This will get the job done both quickly and efficiently.

If these products do not meet your needs, then we are also happy to work with you to offer you a custom solution through Lion Precision. You will gain a high return on your investment with the products from our Lion Precision distributors. Contacting Maintenance Diagnostic Systems, Inc. will help you get started with these products.