The Role of Renishaw Technology to Calibrate In-House Machinery

When a Renishaw client decided to expand into machine tool manufacturing, the company received a wide array of Renishaw equipment. This category includes ballbars, rotary axis calibrators, and laser interferometers.

Renishaw’s expertise in machine tool calibration and equipment results in Breton having world-class CNC machining centers.

Case Study: Breton SpA

Breton SpA is an Italian company that initially specialized in designing and constructing machines for working with natural stone. However, they’ve shifted to producing systems for making composite (synthetic) stones. Breton invented this novel material, which became the company’s lifeblood as it expanded.

Breton began developing CNC technology for various stone slabs in the 1980s. During this period, the firm used five-axis systems for the first time.

After ten years, Breton branched into making CNC machining centers for metal cutting. The company’s dedication to studying and developing high-quality goods helped it rise to the top of the global market.

Also, Breton began relying on technology developed by Renishaw for its industrial machinery and commercial machine tools.

For CNC linear axis adjustment, Breton first used Renishaw’s ML10 laser and a separate laser to measure machine guide straightness. However, Breton ran into numerous issues on axes longer than four meters due to erratic metrology data.

The Challenge of Transitioning

Transforming from working with stone to working with metal calls for a quantum leap in precision. Breton’s manufacturing machines and those of its customers undergo essentially the same quality assurance and adjustment processes.

If the parts don’t use precision equipment, the finished product will also lack precision. Renishaw products are present throughout each stage of the quality control procedure. This consists of testing the axes, measuring linearity, and ensuring correct kinematics.

Working on a Solution

Breton used various Renishaw technologies, from ballbar systems and rotary axis calibrators to laser interferometers. Breton personnel check positioning, linearity, and angular errors once assembly is complete using XL-80 laser calibration.

All Breton-made machine tools undergo these inspections. All the company’s production equipment undergoes this procedure once a year and again whenever they notice a discrepancy.
Because of its greater performance on axes longer than four meters, the company switched to the XL-80 system.

Renishaw QC20-W ballbar system helped simplify rigorous quality control procedures for machine axes. The QC20-W measures squareness between linear axes and checks machine tool placement in minutes.

The ballbar system quickly became the go-to for all the company’s calibration controls. This came after a demonstration by the maintenance department’s workers, who were already using it for their regular checks.


Breton’s primary industry is still stone processing, but now they fully recognize the advantages of calibration. Calibration procedures are now on all of Breton’s machinery used to prepare natural and compound stones. Breton now has state-of-the-art CNC machining centers thanks to Renishaw’s proficiency in machine tool calibration and technology.

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