AxiSet™: A Cost-Effective Solution for Checking and Improving Performance of Rotary Axes

AxiSet™ Check-Up is a versatile, reliable, and easy-to-use rotary axis positioning system. It’s ideal for high-precision and repeatable applications. It is also excellent for maintaining positioning efficiency. It is part of Renishaw’s extensive line of systems for market-leading machine tool testing and machine alignment services.

Multi-axis machines have grown in prevalence. Along with this is the need for a simple method of analyzing rotary axis performance and isolating problems. This is crucial as poor analysis can result in collisions, poor configuration, and wear and tear. Poor alignments contribute to prolonged procedure setting times, non-conforming parts, and other manufacturing issues.

Unless the controller has precise information regarding these pivot points, it will be incapable of maintaining consistent machining results. This is because the rotary axes move components and the tool relative to one another.

Knowledge of rotary axis centers and their relationship to the linear axes of the machine is crucial for accurate machining. The rotary axis centers define the orientation of the workpiece during machining. The movement of the linear axes will magnify any inaccuracies in their placement. Understanding how the rotary axis centers are defined is essential to ensure accuracy.

With AxiSet™ Check-Up, users of mill-turn machines and five-axis machining centers can now identify improper machine configurations and geometry.

Fast Installation and Analysis

Installation of AxiSet™ Check-Up is quick and easy. The machine tool’s magnetic mount will swiftly position a calibration sphere within the machine’s working envelope. The touch probe and the customized macro software take reference data and measurements at different sphere points.

To guarantee that the machines undergo testing in all important orientations, users have complete freedom to define their test angles. Rengage™, the high-accuracy strain-gauge sensors from Renishaw, is highly recommended for tests to guarantee the best possible results.

The AxiSet™ Check-Up test generates a set of measurable outputs. One can download these to a personal computer and analyze them with a spreadsheet provided by the manufacturer.

Suppose a user notices something is wrong with a machine. In that case, the user can notify the manufacturer. They can perform additional inspections and possibly fix the problem via machine alignment. Third-party machine alignment service providers and official distributors are also an option.

Automated and Precise Measurements

Renishaw’s AxiSet™ Check-Up uses automatic probing procedures to collect information from a reference artifact:

  • Obtaining reliable and repeatable test results requires automatic probing procedures. These procedures allow for easy and insightful analysis of the data.
  • The main benefit of using automatic probing procedures is that they are very reliable. This means that the data obtained from these tests make for accurate predictions and decisions.
  • Another advantage of using automatic probing procedures is that they are relatively easy to use. This makes them ideal for use in a wide range of situations, including those where time is limited.

Renishaw touch probes, a standard fixture on modern machine tools, are crucial for all machine alignment services and tests. They create routines for probing with the help of macro software that comes bundled with AxiSet™ Check-Up. This software is machine-specific and customizable.

Clear and Concise Reports

One can analyze and display the capabilities of the machine in several ways:

  • A visual depiction of the process that emphasizes tracking and centering issues
  • A comparison algorithm that takes into account data from the same device
  • A simple pass or fail test, based on the user’s defined limits
  • A history screen that view data from multiple periods
  • Side-by-side comparisons of rotary axis function
  • Specific performance metrics such as speed, precision, and accuracy

With the system, it is easy to incorporate these analyses into a written report.

A machine’s regular three linear axes must operate within specification before performing an AxiSet™ Check-Up analysis. After initial determination, a user can check this regularly with a Renishaw QC20-W ballbar. Adjustment is also possible with a Renishaw XL-80 laser calibration system.

Using these high-powered machine alignment tools, users can be sure that mill-turn machines can consistently produce high-quality parts.

Additional Information on the AxiSet™ Check-Up

Machine-Specific Macros

AxiSet™ Check-Up is a machine-specific probing macro used with machining centers and other multi-purpose machines. This is customizable and written for various CNC controllers. These macros can control the apparatus and gather statistics. Automatic parameter updates and correction for pivot point errors on rotary axes are also available.

Complementary App

To visualize the data from the macro software’s measurements, the AxiSet™ Check-Up app is available. This app requires a license and a computer or tablet running Windows 10 (32- or 64-bit). This is available for purchase via a one-time fee or a perpetual license.

Straightforward Hardware

A single calibration sphere mounted on a magnetic base helps to standardize readings. This straightforward tool minimizes preparation time and, in many instances, eliminates the need to disassemble or relocate any existing components. It also allows for more efficient machine tool alignment and repair.

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AxiSet™ Check-Up provides a straightforward method for evaluating rotary axis performance and locating issues stemming from improper machine setup. In minutes, users can quickly and easily detect machine alignment, geometry, and pivot point errors. This can help prevent excessive process setting times and non-conforming parts.

AxiSet™ Check-Up will automatically adjust the axis pivot point settings directly on the machine.

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