Why Use Laser Alignment for Your Machines?

No matter what type of machinery you have in your industrial facility, you need to align it properly, so you can produce high-quality products consistently. If you do not have it aligned, then your product quality output will suffer. There are several traditional methods, including dial indicators, straight edges, and lines of sight. However, none of these provide the same level of performance and accuracy that laser alignment delivers for alignment.

Get Straighter Alignment

To measure how aligned your machine is, the laser will send out a straight beam that moves over the surface you are measuring. When you get machine alignment services, the service provider will place a receiver on a corresponding surface to check it. The display will show how much the position of the receiver has deviated compared to the beam. With multiple measurements, you can get an accurate representation of the whole surface.

Measuring Flatness

When you get laser machine alignment services, the service company might measure how flat the area is. The company can do this by placing the laser on a precision base. Then it can rotate the beam over the surface that you are measuring. The service company will adjust the base until it allows there to be a parallel laser beam over the surface. The process will allow the company to align the various components precisely. 

Ensuring Perpendicularity

To look at how perpendicular or square a machine is, the service company will use a tri scan laser that uses three mutually square lasers. Once the laser is bucked-in to a reference surface the other two laser beams are perpendicular to the base laser beam.  This allows the experts to see how flat, square, straight, and perpendicular all surfaces or moving axis are to the base reference. Using the tool allows them to rotate each laser with a 360 degree scan plane. That way, you can have surfaces at different heights easily measured.

Determine Parallelism 

When you work with a reputable provider of machine alignment services, its team of experts will make sure that everything is parallel. An example would be checking roll alignment or making sure a series of objects are parallel to each other.  Once bucked-in to a surface they will use a 90 degree reference line in relationship to the bucked-in line. Using targets as reference points the laser can be moved between the targets to check other surfaces to be parallel and adjusted as needed. 

Choose the Best Laser Machine Alignment Services Today

Having regular alignment of your machine can help it to last longer and work more efficiently. This can help you to extend its operational life span. Our experience allows us to use spindle laser equipment along with a geometry laser to provide expert machine tool alignment. We will make sure that it is straight, parallel, perpendicular and flat. To learn more about our machine alignment services, contact Maintenance Diagnostic Services, Inc. today.