Why Machine Calibration Is So Important

In the past, many companies thought that calibrating their machines was an issue of quality. However, today, calibrating your machines is so important because it can improve their throughput. You can set the feed rates higher when you know that your machine can support such adjustment. Calibrating computer numerical control (CNC) machines is becoming more common. CNC calibration is especially popular when it comes to shops that create parts for the medical and aerospace industries.

Reduce Repairs by Choosing Calibration

When you get machine tool calibration, you can more accurately produce your parts. That can cut down other costs, such as in-field service, warranty, and assembly. Another reason to choose machine tool calibration services is that they can be a warning system. The company that does your calibration can also predict when your machine tool will need to have repairs. 

That way, you can help avoid having downtime to make room for repairs. With this type of calibration, you can make sure that the CNC machine still has an accurate position, both geometrically and linearly. 

What Is Linear Calibration?

With linear calibration, the company will assume that the biggest errors come from a screw pitch error. The operator will use a laser calibration system and align the beam with the axis of the machine. Then the user can program the system to record different measurements. These are at certain increments along the axis. 

Once the data capture has begun, the calibration system can move to the specified positions and take note of the measurements. Then the system will compare the deviations from each of the positions.

The Process

During CNC calibration, a company will take different measurements of the equipment. Then they will compare these measurements against a standard that they know. That way, if there are any inaccuracies, they can make an adjustment to the equipment and have it meet the company’s standard. 

Different tools can determine the machine’s operational state and help ensure that the equipment will perform at its best level. Calibration can easily prevent CNC repairs during a critical time for your company.

Choose the Best Provider of Machine Tool Calibration Services

CNC calibration is an excellent way to extend the life of your machine. Even if you have the best equipment, you still need to calibrate it every now and then. In the long run, this will save your company money on repair costs. It can also prevent you from having any unnecessary downtime at your facility. Our company uses advanced tools such as the XL80 linear Calibration System Renishaw. Maintenance Diagnostic Systems, Inc. offers a range of machine tool calibration services. Contact us today to learn more about how our processes can benefit your operations.