What Does the TNC 640 Control from HEIDENHAIN Offer Machine Manufacturers?

The HEIDENHAIN TNC 640 Control is one of the latest releases in the product line. The new control offers a variety of features, including updated software and hardware that provide enhanced performance and reliability. In addition, the HEIDENHAIN TNC 640 Control features an intuitive operator interface that makes it easy to use.

Users working with machine tool distributors can utilize it to locate a high-quality, trustworthy, and easy-to-use control system. You can use this control for milling, grinding, and rotating machines with three to 24 axes.

HEIDENHAIN’s TNC 640 has powerful inverters and controllers that are crucial components in its control package. The inverters enable the machine to start up quickly and smoothly. At the same time, the controllers help to ensure accuracy and precision in all machining operations.

During manufacturing, these drives now have even better spindle and axis dynamics. They also take up less space in the electrical cabinet and require less time to store, install, and service.

In addition, HEIDENHAIN’s TNC 640 features a variety of interfaces that allow for easy integration into various production environments.

Next-generation drives provide excellent availability, good surface quality, and faster machining times. Users can also use any future ground-breaking HEIDENHAIN controls.

In addition, StateMonitor 1.3 makes it easy to track how new CNC operations increase productivity and ROI remotely.

Primary Features and Functions

Some of the most critical functions of the new TNC 640 control are:

1. Support for Dressing and Jig Grinding

The TNC 640 now supports the dressing and jig grinding of tools. Also, it can combine the tool axis with a supplementary reciprocating stroke, a feature needed for many applications.

2. Extended Workspace

The new control has a 24-inch widescreen that you can split into two work areas. This lets users show more apps along with the control screen. Integrations of HTML5 applications and camera capabilities in the work envelope are also available.

3. Optimized Contour Milling for Dynamic Efficiency

Dynamic Efficiency refers to functions in the HEIDENHAIN TNC package that improves heavy machining. With the OCM, you can use this package’s tried-and-true trochoidal milling method to make any shape. It lets you use high cutting values without overworking the tool, and you can set them right on the control. OCM makes it possible to make workpieces three times faster and with two-thirds less tool wear than traditional machining.

4. Dynamic Precision

Dynamic Precision refers to HEIDENHAIN TNC functions that improve contouring accuracy, even at high feed rates and along complex pathways. You can find Dynamic Precision functions on the new-gen TNC 640.

Get HEIDENHAIN TNC 640 From a Trusted Source

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