What Are Two Testing Devices Provided by HEIDENHAIN for Repair and Maintenance of Machines?

Compared to other machinery, a semiconductor must achieve a purposeful nanometer level of precision. At the same time, it can’t compromise on the throughput. Regardless of how fast the axis operates, if you don’t capture precision measurements, it doesn’t matter. This is one reason that preventive and predictive maintenance is so crucial.

Selecting the Right Predictive Maintenance Tools

It’s not difficult to find encoders. However, not all of them yield accurate measurements. That’s why you want to choose one from a reputable manufacturer such as HEIDENHAIN. This particular company specializes in making premium preventive and predictive maintenance tools, including encoders for semiconductors.

The encoders that come from one of the leading predictive maintenance companies for semiconductor machinery can achieve the required throughput. Not only that, but they ensure structural integrity and optimize the drive system. However, to achieve the best stability, speed, and accuracy, you need a quality encoder.

Benefits of HEIDENHAIN Encoders

When buying predictive maintenance tools from HEIDENHAIN, you’ll receive all the information you need. It covers monitoring, commissioning, and diagnostics. So, when performing routine functions, you’ll have immediate access to helpful data.

Two of the best devices are the PWT 100 and PMW 21. The first one is for testing, while the second one is for inspections. However, they also work incredibly well for displaying and evaluating comprehensive data. You can even use them to analyze the encoder you use for semiconductor machinery. Below is a breakdown of how these preventive and predictive maintenance devices work.

PWT 100

As a portable device, the PWT 100 makes it easy to test for both function and adjustment. However, HEIDENHAIN developed this primarily as an onsite encoder. That means you can use it for machinery in production, as well as machinery used in your facility. When it comes to predictive maintenance tools for testing, this device is hard to beat.

Not only is it compact and portable, but also durable and rugged. It even boasts a 4.3-inch touchscreen display and advanced functionality. As one of the most respected of all predictive maintenance companies, HEIDENHAIN continually improves this device via software updates.

PWM 21

This is another prime example of the quality devices that HEIDENHAIN makes. With this, you can measure tight tolerances while inspecting semiconductor machinery. You can even calibrate it and utilize it for many additional purposes. For instance, the PWM 21 is a perfect choice for performing diagnostics in a closed control loop.

Ranked among the best preventive and predictive maintenance tools by HEIDENHAIN, it’s a comprehensive testing and adjustment device. So, not only does it work for functional and commissioning testing, but also connection dialog, mounting, and extensive position displays.

Turn to a Reputable Source for Predictive Maintenance Tools

For these two HEIDENHAIN products, plus more, contact us at Maintenance Diagnostic Systems, Inc. Our goal is to provide customers with the tools and resources needed to achieve and maintain optimal machine efficiency and performance.