What Are the Benefits of Using Renishaw Inspection Probes?

Probing systems from Renishaw are a great solution to increasing the efficiency of machine tools. They offer an innovative method of getting the job done. Renishaw’s inspection probes help set up and measure in-cycle features for adaptive machining. They can help monitor the surface condition of your workpiece and verify the dimensions of the finished piece. The CNC touch probe lets you get the job done with ease.

About the Technology Used

The technology from Renishaw helps align the parts, gauging them on the machine, and doing edge detection. It has been used for more than 40 years, and it is helpful in a range of machine tool probing applications.

It also ensures repeatability, so you can do the tests as many times as you need. It is perfect for multi-axis work. Plus, you can use it when calibrating your machinery.

The Sprint technology is on-machine scanning technology. That way, you can quickly set up your parts and measure them. They also have surface conditioning monitoring and feature form detection.

What Are the Advantages of Renishaw Probe Parts?

When it comes to probing parts, one of the main advantages is that you can set your workpiece before you begin machining. With probing, you will not need manual settings or expensive fixtures. Probes get mounted to the machining centers, and you can then turret mount them on turning centers. There are several advantages, including:

  • Reduced scrap
  • Reduced downtime of the machinery
  • Manual errors go away
  • Automatic job alignment, axis set up, and job alignment
  • More productivity when creating batches

When using turret or spindle mounted probes, you can do in-cycle gauging and inspect the pieces better. With manual gauging, your operators will need to have the skill and remove CMM parts. However, that might not be practical all the time.

The right system for you will depend on the probing you are doing and the machine tool you have. Understanding the applications of probing is a significant first step when working with machine tools. Renishaw offers information on how to use probing, no matter the application. It can also guide you in picking the right system and give you technical information about the types of probes.

Choosing the Right CNC Touch Probe Today

If you want to know more about the benefits of CNC touch probes, talk to a representative at Maintenance Diagnostic Systems, Inc. We are happy to help you learn about our products and their many benefits. Then, we’ll help you select the best option for your requirements and budget.