The Use of Machine Tool Probes to Analyze Settings and Broken Tools

Maintenance Diagnostic Systems, Inc. offers a wide range of solutions from the Renishaw brand. That includes machine tool probes that can analyze the settings and reduce the number of broken tools. The probe system offers a creative solution to improve machine tool efficiency. When it comes to machine tool supply, you can count on the Renishaw brand.

About Tool Settings

The right tool setting can measure the tool size before you begin cutting. Plus, a machine tool probe can look for the damage to the tool. It also checks for potential breakage as you are machining. The Renishaw brand offers many device setting solutions.

These solutions can increase your productivity and reduce the number of scraps. That is because you can accurately and quickly set the diameter and length of your cutting tool for a CNC machine before beginning the task. The Renishaw brand has many types of tool setters that offer non-contact and contact measurement. They also check for broken tools.

What Are the Advantages of Automated Tool Setting?

Many CNC distributors know that it takes some time to use a slip gauge and enter the offset data manually. It might also have operator errors, making the answer less accurate. That is what a tool setting probe is for. You can place it on your machining center or CNC turning center quickly, and that allows you to use them automatically.

That results in reduced machine downtime, which saves you time and makes your operators more efficient. The tool length is also more accurate, and you can also measure the diameter easier. It reduces manual setting errors, mostly since it automatically does offset correction and calculation. During the cycle, it is easy to check for tool breakage, and it also reduces the number of scraps.

Getting a Custom Solution

The Renishaw brand offers custom solutions through your local machine tool distributors. Renishaw has a design team ready to help you. For specific applications, it is often easy to tweak standard tools to meet your needs. The team has the industry knowledge and the right design experience to create the best tool for your requirement.

Choose the Best Machine Tool Distributors Today

Here at Maintenance Diagnostic Systems, Inc, we want to offer you the tools and resources you need to run your business more efficiently. You likely want to reduce as much of your costs as you can, which is why we want to assist you in becoming more productive. Our company has the necessary knowledge and technology to help you do so. If you want to know more about machine tool supply, give us a call today.