The Role of XR20-W Rotary Axis Calibrator in Improving the Accuracy in Machine

If your job requires you to work with machines all day, you rely on these to work effectively. Any defects or issues can compromise the quality of your products. Problems can lead to customer dissatisfaction or even safety concerns. One of the most common challenges machinists encounter is accuracy. You can help to minimize inaccuracy in your output. Relying on machine alignment services based on a rotary axis calibrator can make your job easier and give you peace of mind. 

An Overview of Machine Tool Alignment Equipment

The XR20-W rotary axis calibrator works with other laser systems. It has an integrated angular retroreflector on top of a servo-controlled axis. A highly accurate encoder system controls the position of the axis. The scale is machined right on the main bearing of the device. It gives users up to plus-or-minus 1 arc second accuracy. 

Easy to Use

If you work with machines, you look for various elements and traits. Of course, you need it to be accurate and precise. It’s also an advantage if it is fast. But it should also be easy for you to learn how to use it. As with other good machine tool laser alignment systems, the XR20-W is user-friendly. It uses a wide array of modular mounts to cater to various applications. The device has standard mounting and flexible mounting. 

With standard mounting, the axis uses the marking around the circumference of the mounting ring. When you use flexible mounting, the equipment has a mounting ring adaptor plate. This allows the device to fit on rotary tables with center recesses. You can also use it to safely secure the XR20-W to the adaptor and mounts. 

Using Software

Providers of machine alignment services use software for rotary measurement. The calibrator uses these three applications: 

  • Capture data and generate part programs
  • Explore to create reports and provide analysis
  • Compensate for better positioning accuracy

Main Features and Benefits

As you explore machine tool laser alignment systems, you will see how the XR20-W can benefit your work. The accuracy stands out. It delivers +/- 1.2 arc second using XM-60. It also supports fast testing, which can help eliminate downtime. You’ll like its wireless feature, as it can connect to Bluetooth communication. The device also has built-in alignment targets. These will reduce measurement errors when setting up the process. Plus, it has auto-calibration and a federate of 10 rpm. You will also like the pre-test cycles and automatic direction. 

Improve Your Machine Processes Now

With the right tools, you can accomplish your work more efficiently. When it comes to more accurate machines, the XR20-W rotary axis calibrator is what you need. Call the team at Maintenance Diagnostic Systems, Inc. today for machine tool alignment equipment.