The Role of Renishaw Probing Systems to Improve the Performance of Machine Tools

If your company uses various machine tools, it’s important to do everything possible to ensure they perform optimally. Along with calibration, it involves probing. For the latter, you want to utilize the services of a company that uses the best devices. Depending on the situation, that would include a CMM touch probe or a CNC touch probe.

As Renishaw products, you can feel confident with either one of these. Keep in mind that the best sources provide additional services beyond calibration and probing. For instance, a CMM touch probe or CNC touch probe used in-house could break. The same top sources offer Renishaw probe repair services. So, the company you choose to work with matters.

Enhancing Performance and Efficiency

To better understand and appreciate probing, consider CNC machining lathes and centers. For these, a CNC touch probe identifies and sets up parts. It also benefits adaptive machining by measuring different in-cycle features. Moreover, a Renishaw CNC touch probe monitors the surface of the workpiece and validates the dimensions of the finished part or component.

Remember, you can utilize the services of a company to check your machines using a CMM touch probe or a CNC touch probe. However, if you turn to the right source, you can also purchase equipment to operate in-house. Then when needed, you can rely on them for Renishaw probe repair. Regardless, these probes provide significant benefits.

Cutting-edge Technologies

Kinematic Technology – These Renishaw probes use patented kinematic technology. As a result, they provide outstanding accuracy and repeatability. Along with machine calibration, the probes are ideal for complex multi-axis work.

SPRINT™ Technology – Both the Renishaw CMM touch probe and CNC touch probe perform with this technology, as well. Not only does it enable fast part setup and measurement, but it also monitors the surface condition and detects form.

Incredible Benefits

Renishaw probes offer multiple benefits:

      • Eliminates the need for manual setting
      • Reduces machine downtime
      • Provides automatic fixture, rotary axis setup, and job alignment
      • Reduces scrap
      • Increases productivity
      • Features in-cycle part measurement to include automatic offset correction
      • Offers process feedback for adaptive machining
      • Increases confidence for non-operator machines

Your Most Trusted Source for Renishaw Products

Whether you need a CMM touch probe, a CNC touch probe, or Renishaw probe repair services, we can help. Maintenance Diagnostic Systems, Inc. understands the importance of keeping machines operable. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how they’ll benefit your company. The success of your business depends on productivity and making stellar parts and components.