The Probe by Renishaw Helps Make Calibration and Surface Finish Measurement Easier

Renishaw offers a range of quality products for you, and one of them includes the SFP2 probe. The advantage of that tool is that it makes it easier to calibrate your tools and make the surface finish measurement. Using the right calibration equipment can go a long way toward making your process more efficient.

About the Surface Finish Measurement

In the past, measuring the surface measurement required using hand sensors. Or the part had to move to a measuring machine, which cost a lot of money. However, with the SFP2, that is no longer a requirement. Instead, it is easy to do a surface finish inspection for CMM measurement. That way, companies can do scanning.

The right calibration equipment suppliers can help you get there. By working through the Renishaw brand, Maintenance Diagnostic Systems, Inc. offers a wide range of products that you can use with the REVO SFP2 probes to create a surface finish measurement. These work well with CMMs.

With an artifact plate, you can independently calibrate the surface finish modules. You can also monitor the tip condition and verify if it is properly calibrated. Renishaw also offers an artifact to check the condition so that you can correctly position the calibration plates and optical flats. If you have to assess the surface roughness measurement, that might be helpful.

By using the included TFP tip, it is easy to use the tool with a low force module. Plus, you can use it for mapping your SFP2 probe C-axis and calibrate your holder’s geometry. The tool makes all of these processes easier to do.

The Advantages of Using the Probe

There are many tools available with the product that allow you to make a better surface finish measurement when it comes to your CMMs. You can calibrate a wide range of surface finish modules. It offers calibration verification and can monitor the condition of the tip.

About the Product

You can get the tool with a nickel surface that is electroformed. You can use the MRS2 rail with the SFA3, SFA1, or SFA2. You might choose to get the rails with the kit or by themselves. You can also mouth the OF A to the CMM bed. You also receive a UKAS calibration certificate with the product.

Choose the Best Calibration Equipment Distributors in the USA

When it comes to calibration equipment suppliers, Maintenance Diagnostic Systems, Inc. is one of the top companies to choose from. If you want to know more, feel free to reach out to our company today. One of our friendly representatives will be happy to help you pick out the right equipment soon.