The Latest Addition of Alignment Laser to Renishaw’s Range of Machines

The XK10 alignment laser system is a new addition to the range of machines offered by Renishaw, which is a global manufacturing technologies and precision engineering company. This system is perfect to use while aligning and building machine tools. It can even replace the use of artifacts in CNC laser alignment operations.

About the System

The XK10 alignment laser system is a good option for your facility since you can use it on linear rails to ensure that each one is parallel, square, flat, and straight. You can also ensure that they are level.

The system is also useful for assessing the coaxiality and the spindle direction of rotary machinery. You can measure and align each of these factors with the XK10 alignment laser system during the building phase. The system comes with a live display. This is a powerful piece of equipment that you can use to diagnose where errors come from after a collision. It is also useful when you are doing routine maintenance.

Uses of the XK10 Alignment Laser System

With laser alignment services, you can use the XK10 alignment laser system to align and measure rotational and geometric components of each of the machines that have axes that are up to 30 meters.

This means that you will no longer need to use artifacts, like test bars or granite squares. It can cost quite a bit of money to transport and calibrate each artifact, so a laser system will help keep costs down. The system also is easy to mount onto the guideways of your machinery.

With a single modular system, you can quickly measure the machine and set up a machine faster than with the methods used in the past. The XK10 alignment laser system can simplify difficult measurements, like parallelism. Instead, you will be using a process that only requires two stages. It can remove any limits on the distance between your rails. With the techniques used in the past, workers could not prevent these limitations.

How It Works with CNC Laser Alignment

The XK10 alignment laser system has intuitive software, and that means that you no longer have to rely as much on extremely skilled operators. That means that you can direct the talents of your operators to other tasks. The system will digitally record the measurements, and then it will export the measurements. You can trace them to international standards, or you can even view them right on the display unit of the system.

Choose the Best Provider of Machine Laser Alignment Tools

With the XK10 alignment laser system from Renishaw, you can reduce the challenges that you might face when you use traditional artifacts. Instead, you can have a single, easy digital solution with many machine tools. Contact Maintenance Diagnostic Systems Inc. today to learn more.