The Importance of XK10 the Alignment Laser System in Hastening the Alignment Checking Process

For the manufacturing and fabrication industries, the introduction of lasers changed everything. It’s proven extremely beneficial for customers who need 100 percent accurate products. Ultimately, machine tools increase both the speed of production and the precision of parts and components. However, this requires a professional machine laser alignment.

Put this into perspective. A customer from the automotive industry turns to a fabrication company to have a piece of metal cut. The finished part is then installed in vehicles on the assembly line. Without using professional laser alignment services, there’s a risk that the beam isn’t properly aligned. So, the product fails to meet the customer’s demands.

Not only would that cause a serious delay in production, but it also costs the automaker a significant amount of money. At the same time, the fabrication company gets attention but not in a good way. It’s critical to rely on a company that offers the best laser alignment systems. That ensures the accuracy of the beam. Otherwise, this type of mistake could ruin the fabricator’s reputation.

The XK10 – A Remarkable Choice for Machine Laser Alignment

Fortunately, the XK10 manufactured by Renishaw is a revolutionary system that keeps machine tools perfectly aligned. This is among the best laser alignment systems available, if not the best. In particular, the XK10 is ideal for machine tools produced in high volumes.

When it comes to the application of computer technologies, Renishaw is a pioneer. This is why companies that provide superior laser alignment services depend on this brand of equipment.

Key Features of the XK10

To better understand the value of the XK10 for machine laser alignment, here are some of the main features.

  • All-in-one digital measurement solution
  • Works great for different CNC machine tools
  • Compact size
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Applies to linear rails that guarantee they’re square, straight, parallel, flat, and level
  • Applies to spindles and chucks to access coaxial and direction of rotary machines
  • Versatile fixturing that’s perfect for numerous configurations, as well as rotational and geometric error detection and measurement regardless of the machine tool size or type
  • Display unit that allows the operator to gather, analyze, and record measurement data
  • Step-by-step instructions for every measurement type
  • Additional kit available for parallelism measurements

As one of the most revolutionary laser alignment systems, the XK10 has several innovative features. In addition to those mentioned, it includes a launch unit that serves as the main laser transmission. It also has a portable display unit and receiver units. There’s even an included fixturing kit that’s ideal for numerous configurations.

We Offer Outstanding Laser Alignment Services

While some companies have in-house laser alignment systems, many don’t. At Maintenance Diagnostic Systems, Inc., we offer this service for all machine tools. We rely on Renishaw systems to ensure accurate measurements for the customers we serve. Give us a call today to learn more.