The Benefits to Automated Lathes

As the manufacturing industry advances, thanks to technology, today’s processing equipment has higher requirements. The new CNC equipment can create value for clients since automated lathes come with better configurations, have larger spindles, and come with higher torques. The machines optimize component design, like tool holders, beds, and spindles, which increases a facility’s efficiency. Industries such as construction, automotive, communications, aviation, and others can benefit from machine tool supply.

Better Configuration Options

Automated lathes come in several easy-to-use designs, including modular ones. Plus, automated lathes have many configuration possibilities and other options. You can have your machine tool distributor adjust options such as the tool setting instrument, electric spindle, tool post, servo, and hydraulic tailstock. No matter what options you choose, automated lathes can improve your processing capacity.

Larger Spindle

Many automated lathes have larger spindle bearings. The rear and front bearings work with the double row cylindrical rollers, which have high rigidity. There are also bearing rollers on the rear and front bearings. That can increase the rigidity, making the tool more efficient to work with. The diameter of the hole is more extensive, as is the bar processing capacity as well. Plus, the bar passing diameter is also larger in automated lathes.

Higher Torque

Many automated lathes offer higher torque and spindle motor power than models in the past. That allows the tool to have a more robust cutting ability. With the more robust components, the device can also process the material more efficiently. They often have a high level of accuracy when it comes to feedback. The technology means they will last for a long time.

Because automated lathes are stronger, they can also process the material faster. The Z and X axes have high-load roller guides and high rigidity. That increases the overall rigidity, making the machine easier to work with. You might get faster speed because the tools may have properties such as:

  • 11N·m output torque
  • 1.8kW feed motor
  • 36m per minute z-axis speed
  • 30m per minute x-axis speed

Excellent Cutting Feed Rigidity

Many times, the tool holder is stronger in newer models. That means the tool holder’s rigidity is better. When you change tools, the holder is more stable. That way, you can complete more processes easier.

Turn to the Right Machine Tool Distributors

It is critical to choose the right company when looking for CNC tools. Today’s technology meets the requirements of essential customers, providing a higher value for them. At the same time, the costs meet their budget well. If you want to know more about what makes us one of the best CNC distributors in the area, feel free to reach out to Maintenance Diagnostic Systems, Inc. today.