Spindle Analysis for Optimum Machine Performance

Over the past several years, machine tool spindles have become highly advanced. They are essential when it comes to keeping your shop floor operating properly. Often, you will use them for grinding wheels or rotating your cutting tools. As they are at the heart of your machine, they must deliver a high level of speed, as well as precision and accuracy. However, they can fail without proper care, resulting in downtime for your facility. The good news is that regular spindle analysis can keep them running in good condition.

Replacement Vs. Getting a New Part

If your spindle fails, then you might be wondering if you should get another one or make repairs. Sometimes, a replacement is necessary, but often, repairing it can help you get your machine running again. It can take many weeks for a new part to come into your facility. It generally takes less than two weeks to have repairs done. Working with the right company will help you decide how you can best fix your machine.

Getting Spindle Analysis & Alignment

It can be tough to decide whether you should get another part or simply repair the one you have. Either way, you will likely experience some downtime at your facility. The good news is that getting spindle to part alignment can prevent components from breaking in the first place.

Precision is important to help your spindle perform the right way. When you have your machine aligned, your company will have tools that can find even a tiny error before it becomes a bigger issue. For example, during spindle analysis & alignment, the company might find temperature problems, dynamic errors, or issues with the position of the spindle. A company can assess the machine while it is going at its full operational speed.

That allows the company to make the right decision for repairing your machine. This will ensure that the repair work is accurate, and the machine will last for many years to come. Taking action as soon as you notice an issue will help you prevent any major issues.

Choose Spindle Analysis & Alignment Today

The state of your spindle directly impacts your machine tool. If your spindle begins to fail, then spindle to part alignment can be the difference between having to make expensive replacements and getting more life out of your tools. Maintenance Diagnostic Systems, Inc. offers a range of alignment services for you. If we find that there are geometry problems, we can use the Hamar L-723 Triple Scan & L-700 Spindle system to fix it for you. Our precision levels and electronic levels assist us in the process. To learn more about getting your tools aligned, contact our company today.