Magnetic & Optical Rotary Encoders

Maintenance Diagnostic Systems, Inc. an authorized rotary encoder supplier offers quality optical rotary encoders and magnetic rotary encoders for your company. This allows you to precisely measure angles in many different applications. We supply these encoders from one of the best rotary encoder manufacturers, HEIDENHAIN. These products have a variety of uses at your facility.

Using a Optical Rotary Encoders

If you are using a rotary encoder with stator coupling and integral bearing, you will connect the encoder’s graduated disk to the shaft that you are measuring. Then you will guide the scanning unit to the shaft using ball bearings. The stator coupling supports this.

The shaft will go through angular acceleration. This means that the stator coupling will absorb only the rotation that comes from the bearing’s friction. This will minimize dynamic and static errors, giving you a more precise result. The coupling on the stator will compensate for the rotary motion on the shaft you are measuring. You will also get several additional benefits from the stator coupling. These include:

  • Easy to mount
  • Short length overall
  • Hollow shaft is possible
  • High coupling frequency

HEIDENHAIN – one of the best encoder manufacturers has designed some of the rotary encoders with an integral bearing for separate coupling. HEIDENHAIN has designed these encoders with solid shafts. When you use the recommended coupling with the measured shaft, it will compensate for both axial and radial tolerances. When you use an angle encoder for a separate shaft coupling, you can get higher shaft speeds.


A rotary encoder without an integral bearing will operate without any friction. During assembly, you can adjust the scale tape, drum, or disk to the scanning head. This offers several benefits:

  • Larger diameter of the hollow shaft
  • No additional turning during starting
  • Works well for higher shaft speeds

Turn to a Trusted Supplier

If you want to buy an optical rotary encoders or magnetic rotary encoders supplier, Maintenance Diagnostic Systems, Inc. has what you are looking for. When you need to monitor mechanical systems, a rotary encoder will do the job. This will work for a wide variety of applications. That includes optomechanical trackballs and mice, robotics, computer devices, industrial controls, and rotating radar platforms.