Role of RESOLUTE Encoders in Preventative Maintenance

Maintaining a company’s machinery is vital for its operations. Companies previously only relied on reactive maintenance. Repairs would only come when the machines broke down. Modern businesses do their best to prevent unexpected downtime. They turn to trusted providers of preventive and predictive maintenance services with access to advanced diagnostic tools, including Renishaw’s industry-proven RESOLUTE optical encoders. Learn about the key role played by RESOLUTE encoders in preventive maintenance.

State-of-the-art Diagnostics for Preventive Maintenance

RESOLUTE optical encoders deliver position feedback for the motion control of rotary and linear axes. These position encoders help achieve better machine accuracy and higher machine speeds.

RESOLUTE encoders can be incorporated into Renishaw’s Advanced Diagnostic Tool ADTa-100. The ADT collects extensive real-time information from RESOLUTE encoder readheads. This predictive maintenance diagnostics tool helps save time in diagnosing or fault-finding.

The ADT looks at the running data from the company’s machines. This tool can provide a report on the RESOLUTE encoder’s performance. It can also predict when the company should send for repair contractors. With this type of information, the company can schedule the repairs on a slow day on the production floor. The ADT can assist in finding system faults to prevent long machine downtime.

Good Motion Control Function

RESOLUTE optical encoders use new optics that enhance their method of intrinsic detection. This results in low SDE (sub-divisional error) of plus or minus 40 nanometers. The impressive resolution is an essential feature for the encoders’ use in predictive maintenance diagnostics.

Better optics lead to a smoother surface finish of various machined parts. This feature also results in higher velocity control and scanning. It also provides servo firmness on linear motors when they hold their position. This happens when the linear speeds go up to 100 meters per second.

Renishaw’s RESOLUTE encoders can flag any scale misreading. This is possible because of its built-in fault-finding algorithms. The encoders can also calculate positions on request. These features prevent crash risks and uncontrolled movements. RESOLUTE does this by removing scale miscounting and position drift. Renishaw’s RESOLUTE encoders help increase safety, yield, and throughput.

Quick Positioning and Unparalleled Stability

RESOLUTE encoders catch the attention of machine designers. These tools help make in-house predictive maintenance services possible. RESOLUTE encoders assume the correct position as soon as they turn on. They do not even need a battery backup. They combine resolution, high velocity, and ruggedness.

Turn to a Reliable Source for Preventive and Predictive Maintenance

Renishaw’s RESOLUTE optical encoders have distinct features that support the performance of predictive maintenance services on machines. These encoders work well with the company’s off-line Advanced Diagnostic Tool ADTa-100. If you want to learn how Renishaw’s encoder system and diagnostic tools will bring value to your company operations, contact Maintenance Diagnostic Systems, Inc. today. We are part of Renishaw’s global sales and support network and a trusted provider of preventive and predictive maintenance services.