Role of QC10 Ballbar in Quality and Productivity of Manufacturing

To keep your manufacturing company running seamlessly, it is essential to properly maintain all machinery and equipment. Otherwise, your business is at risk of experiencing a host of problems. That includes subpar quality products and reduced productivity levels. These are prime examples of why you should use predictive maintenance services.

From those issues alone, additional challenges can arise. Suppose your equipment is incapable of producing high-caliber products. In that case, not only are you wasting valuable employee time but also potentially losing customers. The same applies whenever productivity levels drop.

Keep Operations Flawless

The machinery or equipment used in your manufacturing business works incredibly hard, which is why predictive maintenance diagnostics is essential. Unfortunately, some companies wait until something breaks down or fails before taking action. A much better approach is to have a trained technician perform diagnostics to identify potential troubles.

The QC10 Ballbar – One of a Maintenance Technician’s Greatest Tools

When it comes to preventive and predictive maintenance, experts consider the QC10 ballbar the golden standard. For one thing, this allows technicians to accurately assess dynamic motion. It also aids in the assessment of production machinery, as well as precision positioning of machine tools.

Regardless of the parts or components your company manufactures, they all must meet specific requirements. The QC10 ballbar ensures that happens. The Renishaw software used in conjunction with this tool captures machine movement data to 0.5 microns. It then converts it into a readable format that aids technicians in their predictive maintenance diagnostics.

Apart from that, this tool provides many additional benefits. The following are more examples of why you should consider predictive maintenance services that rely on this tool.

–  Simple and easy operation
–  Ideal when machining parts to tolerances in the tenths
–  Maintenance technicians can assess multiple aspects of machinery and equipment such as:

  • Scale mismatch
  • Circularity
  • Servo gain mismatch
  • Stick/slip error
  • Repeatability
  • Backlash
  • Vibration
  • Geometry

Preventive and Predictive Maintenance Reduces Downtime

The QC10 ballbar dramatically reduces the risk of production downtime. For every minute a machine or equipment is non-operational, your manufacturing company loses money. Not only is this type of diagnostic testing done whenever a technician suspects a problem but also periodically. In just 15 minutes, this tool can assess a machine.

Turn to a Trusted Source

If you do not have a designated maintenance technician in-house, but you want to stay on top of the health of your machinery or equipment, contact us at Maintenance Diagnostic Systems, Inc. We offer professional predictive maintenance services to help your business achieve even greater success.