Renishaw’s XR20 Rotary Axis Laser Calibration System

To keep your manufacturing business running flawlessly, you need equipment that performs as intended. To achieve that, ongoing maintenance is essential. The key is to have a technician identify potential risks before they turn into big problems. This is a great example of how laser calibration services can help.

If not calibrated, industrial machinery and tools often perform at subpar levels. So, it typically takes longer to complete manufacturing processes, and sometimes, this affects the product’s quality. Using a system like the Renishaw XR20 for machine tool calibration is an excellent way to avoid the pitfalls.

Companies Depend on the XR20 for Laser and CNC Machine Calibration Services

Due to its accuracy, ease of use, and reliability, some of the best-known companies or providers of laser calibration services rely on the XR20. Its rotary axis’ design makes it unique to more conventional calibration solutions.

The XR20 has an angular reflector mounted firmly on a central shaft. It also has a highly accurate rotary encoder with two diametrically opposed read heads, as well as axial encoder graduations. The graduations, which form on the encoder disk’s outer edge, ensure its long-term stability. As for the read heads, they work to eliminate errors caused by the encoder disk’s eccentric in relation to the central shaft.

Another unique aspect of the XR20 commonly used as part of both laser and CNC machine calibration services is its ability to evenly distribute expansions and contractions around the disk caused by fluctuations in temperature. That helps to minimize distortions on a local level.

How Technicians Use the XR20

As a calibration system, the XR20 measures the angular position of rotary axes. This system is so precise that it takes measurements within plus or minus arc second. Companies that provide CNC and laser calibration services use it to test the accuracy of trunnion spindles and tables, lathes, mill-turn machines, and multi-axis machine tools.

System Features and Benefits for Machine Tool Calibration and More

As a Renishaw product, the XR20 comes loaded with valuable features and benefits. Some of these include:

  • Rapid Testing – It takes little time to set up this system. Then for testing, it captures data extremely fast
  • Lightweight Design – Although the XR20 performs critical work, it has a lightweight design. So, it fits easily on all kinds of lathes, rotary tables, and other rotary axes
  • Wireless – Trusted by top companies that provide laser and CNC machine calibration services, this powerful yet relatively compact system operates wirelessly. It only needs a Bluetooth connection and rechargeable batteries

Get Your Equipment Calibrated Today

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