Renishaw Motorized Probe Head PH20 Provides Enhanced Measurement

More than ever, manufacturing companies face fierce competition. Regardless of the part, component, or product made, they all have to stay on their A-game to achieve and maintain success. That means using top-of-the-line tools that ensure equipment and machinery operate optimally. One of these is Renishaw’s PH20 machine tool for probing.

PH20 Renishaw Probe Repair

This is a perfect example of the type of tool that manufacturing companies rely on. This makes it possible to take measurement points by moving the head only. With other tools, getting a measurement involves moving the CMM structure, as well. As one of the best Renishaw probe parts, the PH20 offers several unique benefits.

Key Benefits of the PH20

To start with, moving just the head when taking measurements results in faster points. As a result, a technician can complete the task quickly, which frees up more time and prevents production delays. Both of those combined would ultimately save your manufacturing business money.

However, using the PH20 for Renishaw probe repair also enhances accuracy. Especially in the manufacturing industry, precision is critical on many different levels. That includes the very tools used to keep them in operation. This motorized probe head also improves repeatability. If your company is into mass production, you understand the importance of getting accurate and repeatable results.

A unique aspect of the PH20 used for machine tool probing is its 5-axis motion. Instead of spending valuable time indexing the head, this tool completes the task quickly. Its high speed, along with the other benefits it provides, is enough for you to see three times the improvement in throughput compared to what other conventional systems accomplish.

Incredible Design Features

Developed for REVO, a measurement system that received multiple awards, the PH20 motorized probe head is unique in many ways. For example, the design of this Renishaw probe repair tool allows for fast touch-trigger measurement. At the same time, it offers unrivaled feature access, thanks to its infinite 5-axis positioning.

One of the biggest drawbacks of using more conventional probe tools is the CMM 3-axes design used to measure. As a much slower tool, it ultimately affects the business. Even with the PH20 measuring at incredible speeds, the innovative head motion minimizes dynamic errors associated with CMM.

For machine probe tooling, the PH20 offers additional benefits. For instance, it has a broad range of trigger forces. Also, designed in conjunction with the TP20 touch-trigger probe, it makes assessing probe modules easier.

The Bottom Line

Facing so much competition, time is critical. Thanks to the PH20, one of the amazing Renishaw probe parts, its rapid inferred calibration technique will save you a lot of it. For more information, contact us at Maintenance Diagnostic Systems Inc. We are an official distributor of Renishaw products.