Renishaw Machine Tool Has Boosted the Productivity of Mold Base Manufacturing

Mold base manufacturing is a critical process in the production of mold components. The quality of the mold base directly affects the quality of the molded parts. Renishaw machine tools have helped boost the productivity of mold base manufacturers by providing high-precision machining tools and software.

Machine alignment services like Maintenance Diagnostic Systems, Inc. also ensure that the Renishaw machine tools correctly align.

High Accuracy and Repeatability

Companies recommend Renishaw’s machine tools for their high accuracy and repeatability. Even minor errors in machining mold bases can cause problems with the finished parts. Renishaw’s machine tools and software help manufacturers improve tolerances and surface finish.

In addition to providing high-precision machine tools, Renishaw also offers software solutions that help streamline the mold base manufacturing process.

Renishaw’s graphical user interface (GUI) software makes it easy to program and operate Renishaw machine tools. Companies can create new mold bases using the software’s standard mold base geometry library. The software can also generate tool paths for multi-axis machining operations.

Renishaw’s machine tools and software have helped mold base manufacturers to boost productivity and produce high-quality mold bases. The company’s products have become an essential part of the modern mold base manufacturing process.

Case Study: GM Enterprises

GM Enterprises, Taiwan’s leading mold base manufacturer, is one particular case study. The company uses Renishaw machine tools and software to make mold bases for the auto, electronics, and medical industries. The corporation is always looking to minimize scrap rates and increase production throughput. The company wants to keep manufacturing tolerances under 5% and build complex mold bases in three days.

GM Enterprises used Renishaw machine tool probes for decades to maintain the accuracy of its CNC machining centers. Six CNC machines had different Renishaw probes, including the MP10 infrared probe and TS27R hard-wired tool setters. Renishaw also has a range of GUIs compatible with controllers from many market-leading controller manufacturers. In addition, there are several language options available.

The on-machine GUI eliminates manual setup, reducing programming time and difficulty. Machine tool operators no longer need programming training. GM Enterprises expresses satisfaction with Renishaw’s machine tools and software performance. Renishaw’s products have helped GM Enterprises boost productivity, reduce scrap rates, and increase production throughput.

The company has achieved tighter tolerances and a better surface finish on its mold bases. The company now manufactures 2,500 mold bases annually. It has also bought three more CNC machines with Renishaw GUIs and tool setup probes.

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