Renishaw Introducing of High Precision Touch Probes for Radio Transmission

The new touch probes made by Renishaw are making waves in the machining industry. Innovative FHSS signal technology makes it possible for all CNC machine tools to set up work and measure it automatically.

The new RMP40 CNC touch probe is great for mill-turn and multi-axis applications. Another new offering, the RLP40 touch probe, on the other hand, is ideal for harsher environments. The RMP40M module, which is a module solely for transmissions, is also available.

These new Renishaw solutions can help cut down on preparation, waste, and cost. They can also help improve process control. These new probes are welcome additions to the line of RMP60 and RMP600 radio inspection probes, which are already on the market.

The RMP600 is proving to be the best in its class with its Rengage™ technology.


The RMP40 optical transmission probe combines the compact size of the OMP40 with the power and flexibility of FHSS transmission. The RMP40 is compatible with any machine tool but works best for mill-turn and multi-axis jobs.

One can use it on tools where there isn’t always a clear sightline between the interface and the inspection probe.
The RMP60 and RMP600, now in use worldwide, employ the exact FHSS radio transmission mechanism as the RMP40.

Because it utilizes a frequency of 2.4GHz, it has global applications. This means that no matter where they are, machine tool manufacturers and users can use them.

The Radio Machine Interface (RMI) also pairs well. The probe and the interface use continually different transmission channels. As a result, they have frequency strength, flexibility, and adaptability.

Furthermore, Renishaw’s Trigger Logic™ menus are pre-installed on the RMP40. Users don’t have to disassemble the probe or fiddle with tiny switches to fine-tune their systems.

RLP40 and RMP40M

The RLP40 inspection probe system for lathes has many of the same features as the RMP40 probe. The difference is the RLP40 is primarily for radio transmission inspection. Meanwhile, the RMP40 is a transmission module. It comes with an industry-standard M16 adaptor for use with Renishaw’s proven LP2 line of probes for lathes.

Another difference is the RLP40 touch probe can withstand the harsh conditions of turning machines and lathes. It has a user-serviceable eyelid that helps in minimizing damage.

The RMP40M has all the benefits of the RMP40 system. But it is also compatible with the FHSS radio transmission system and the LP2 family of probes and adaptors.

The RMP40 and RLP40 are popular and flexible additions to Renishaw’s growing lineup of inspection probes. What’s excellent is one can incorporate them into current installations. They also enjoy a worldwide network of support and service.

Machine tool probing has a wide range, from simple milling machines to complex multi-axis machine tools. Renishaw’s probes are sure to cover the whole range.

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