Renishaw Helps Manufacturers With Advanced Solutions in Machine Calibration

In the world of machine tools, there is no substitute for attention to detail. You also can never overlook the need for identifying errors and precise testing. That is why calibration is critical, among other reasons. Calibration is vital to ensure machines are performing at optimal condition. Sometimes, the user will have to calibrate a machine frequently or even take it apart between each calibration. You need dependable solutions when it comes to calibrating the machines you use. Thankfully, CNC distributors can help you achieve this standard. You can then work with peace of mind.

A Look at Calibration and What Can Help

When you don’t have the right calibration techniques or tools, it can hold up the assembly process. Frustrations can occur, too, and you may even experience downtime. The same is true in the medical or health care field, which requires regular medical equipment calibration for the devices in use.

Machine operators and engineers can calibrate on an axis of 2 to 3 meters in just 30 minutes. Some models can have an axis length of up to 60 meters. The XL-80 laser interferometer has excellent accuracy. It is also precise and fast, even over long distances.

Rotary Axis Calibration

Now that five-axis machines are becoming more common among precision laser alignment machine tools, there are more rotary axes. It used to be that conventional rotary methods were the norm. However, these can take time and require more skilled users. Rotary axis calibration is more prevalent. It allows for a higher accuracy rate.

Another benefit is that operators can save time in calibrations. With traditional methods, it could take an entire day to do a measurement. Rotary calibrations have an accuracy of up to +/- one arc second. This allows for automated measurements of every angle.

Ballbar systems are also becoming more common in calibrations. Users who employ ballbar tests can point out the complete performance and output of their machine tool. This tactic can also figure out problems faster and with greater accuracy. CNC distributors that provide ballbar testing may even do so for free. It works effectively for both four- and five-axis machines.

Getting the Right Guidance for Medical Equipment Calibration

To achieve the best results, technicians and operators need the right resources. Distributors should have years of experience in helping machine operators in case of questions and concerns. Qualified help will also help to eliminate errors and downtime.

Use Advanced Solutions for Your Calibration Needs

Rather than spend long hours calibrating precision laser alignment machine tools, find an advanced solution that makes a difference. Renishaw calibration solutions can improve your productivity and accuracy. Contact Maintenance Diagnostic Systems, Inc., an established distributor of Renishaw products, to learn more.