Probing Systems Provide an Innovative Solution to Make Machine Tools Efficient

To make your tools more efficient, you can use the inspection probe from the Renishaw brand. you can reduce the need to have expensive fixtures and use dial indicators to do manual settings. Instead, you can use a probing system, which is often mounted on a spindle. The best CNC distributors will help you to achieve your company’s goals with the right probes for your machine tools.

Benefits to Probing Systems

There are several benefits to using probing systems, which are often mounted on either turrets or spindles on the machining centers. You will have less machine downtime, allowing you to spend more time on the more important aspects of your company’s operations. Plus, there are automatic job alignment, rotary axis set up, and fixture. This means that any manual errors in the settings will get eliminated. There is also less scrap. And your company can be more productive and stay flexible in the size of each batch.

Machine Features

The probing machine from a leading CNC machine distributor offers both turret and spindle mounted probes, which you can use for gauging the cycle. It also helps with the inspections. With manual gauging, you will rely on the skill of the operator, but this is not practical all the time. With inspection probing, there are several benefits.

First, you can easily measure the parts in the cycle and have automatic offset correction. That way, you can have more peace of mind when you do unmanned machining. With adaptive machining, you can provide process feedback so that there will not be as much variation. There is an automatic offset update after the first inspection, and you can have reduced downtime with your machinery as you wait for the inspection results.

Turn to One of the Top CNC Distributors

The type of probing system that you need to get for your facility will depend on the machine tool you have and the kind of probing application. A reliable machine tool distributor can help you to choose the right system and provide you more technical information on each of the probes.

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