Maintenance Diagnostic Systems, Inc. is proud to offer machine tool probes from both the RENISHAW and the HEIDENHAIN brands. Each one of these CNC & CMM touch probes will ensure the highest accuracy for your application. The CNC touch probe will accurately measure a physical object’s geometry. It does this by looking for discrete points on the object’s surface. It uses a probe to do this.

It ensures that you can safely manage the process. With the CMM probe, you will benefit from a simple, easy to use interface. Of course, each of these products offers maximum efficiency for any application.


This brand has high-quality machine tool probes for metrology. You can choose from Renishaw probe parts and products such as the modular scanning system, the repeatable stylus, or the original CMM touch probe with a motorized indexing head. These CMM machines are industry-level machines.

The products offered include ones with a 5-axis measurement. This delivers both flexibility and speed for your measurements. However, you will still gain accuracy when it comes to getting the right measurements. Whether you are looking for a PH20 touch-trigger or a REVO scanning device, you can easily minimize your lead times. You will love the quality of these products.

The 5-axis system from the RENISHAW CMM touch probe has a head with infinite positioning. The system gives you a wide range of features for the parts. For many tasks, you will only need one stylus. This provides your company with unparalleled time savings. You can easily get measurements from precise areas without having to move the part around. This will give you a perfect result every time!


You can use the CNC touch probe from HEIDENHAIN in high-precision machining tools. If you have a plant that processes or produces electronic components, this is an excellent choice. Of course, automated machines and systems can also benefit from this CNC touch probe. Manufacturers of medical technology and elevators are just a few customers who have used the touch probe from HEIDENHAIN. Maintenance Diagnostic Systems Inc. CMM touch probe supplier would love to speak with you about the machine tool probing Renishaw probe parts and repair that we offer. Contact us today to buy CMM and CNC touch probes!