Newly Launched Mitsubishi Amplifiers Enable Better Maintenance With Resolute Encoders

The Renishaw brand has released RESOLUTE optical encoders, which offer better motion control performance for applications that have high-speed machine axes. The new launch of the MELSERVO-J5 servo amplifiers allows for machine designers to gain higher machine speeds. At the same time, it also allows for lower costs of maintenance from predictive maintenance companies.

Better Linear Motion Systems

There is a 3.5 kHz frequency response in the MELSERVO-J5 series servo amplifier. It offers quick communications and machine resonance suppression filters. Plus, you can use the linear encoder in it to measure the stage position. This allows for several benefits.

Greater Accuracy

These amplifiers have advanced performance that allows for higher servo bandwidths. This allows for better following accuracy. Plus, the axes can have higher accelerations. The system has a unique design, allowing for good measurement resolution, even if the linear speed is very high. That way, you can benefit from the highest level of stage performance.

The systems can also calculate the position while on demand. They offer algorithms to check errors that might flag misreading on your scale. That can protect from uncontrolled motion. It eliminates scale miscounting, count runaway, and position drift. This can benefit the safety and throughput of the machine.

Better Diagnostics for Preventive and Predictive Maintenance

The software in the machine can predict how much life is still in the ballscrew, enabling better preventive maintenance before any of the parts can fail.

The encoders work well with the advanced diagnostic tool from the Renishaw brand. It can acquire data in real-time from your readhead, so it can assist with encoder installation and fault finding in the field. That might help to save time while reducing the costs of maintenance and installation.

During the preventive and scheduled maintenance, the diagnostic tool can look for the performance parameters of the system, like the signal strength along the length of the axis. You can operate the interface in a standalone mode or by using a PC computer. You can use a USB connector and use the software from Renishaw.

Choose the Right Machine to Enable Better Preventive and Predictive Maintenance

The RESOLUTE encoders can support the newest MELSERVO-J5 advanced servo amplifier. They can also help to control your performance better. For linear applications, the diagnostic tools and encoders can complement the control technology of the MELSERVO-J5 advanced servo amplifier. That way, you can maximize the safety and uptime of the machines.

Each encoder system has CE approval and undergoes strict processes to control the quality. If you want to know more about predictive maintenance diagnostics from this machine, feel free to reach out to Maintenance Diagnostic Systems, Inc. today to learn more.