Metrology Equipment Services

Maintenance Diagnostic Systems, Inc. is one of the leading authorized metrology equipment suppliers offering metrology equipment from both the RENISHAW and the HEIDENHAIN brands. This equipment can help you reduce the amount of time it takes you to repair and inspect the components of your equipment. The goal of these products is to help you keep your machinery running smoothly so you will not need to replace it.


You can get a variety of products from RENISHAW. These include:


When you need both versatility and accuracy, the metrology equipment from HEIDENHAIN delivers this. The products have a rugged design to provide a high level of precision when it comes to measuring gage blocks. You can use this for many applications in production metrology, as position measuring devices, for inspection stations, and measuring the monitoring of equipment.

The entire measuring length offers highly precise readings, whether that is 12 millimeters or 100 millimeters. You do not need multiple tools because this one offers a wide range of measurements. When you are doing comparative measurements, this can benefit you. This is an ideal tool for industrial environments because of its rugged design.