Measuring Flatness With wylerSPEC to Save Time

If you need to measure the geometry of machines or objects, you need to have the right software. With this software, you can look at the flatness of surfaces, like granite or machine tables, or the straightness of guides. Working with a WYLER Ag distributor gives you several benefits.

Why choose wylerSPEC?

There are several reasons why this software stands out. First, it is extremely user-friendly. That saves you time because you will not need to spend a while learning how to operate it. The results are straightforward when it comes to interpreting them.
You can easily adapt this software for different measuring tasks. It is also highly efficient because you can simultaneously measure several different variances. You can also integrate it with WYLER inclinometers and autocollimators.

Did you know that you can save up to 50 percent of your time while measuring flatness with wylerSPEC and BlueLEVEL-2D? With WYLER’s software, you can use the full functionality of BlueLEVEL-2D. You can simultaneously read the measurements on the X and Y axes. That is how it reduces the time measuring a setting by half.

The wylerSPEC software is a replacement for the company’s MT-SOFT and LEVELSOFT PRO software. Because the readings are so informative and the application is very user-friendly, it is not difficult to calibrate, set it up, and start measuring machines. You can use laser interferometers and autocollimators or the tools from WYLER. Overall, it’s perfect for aligning machine parts or your machinery.

Three Software Packages

Depending on your needs, you can get the WYLER software in one of three packages. The wylerELEMENTS package lets you measure parallelism and straightness, as well as the flatness of a machine tool or granite plate. This is the base package.

The wylerPROFESSIONAL package has the first package and also lets you measure geometrical figures and rotations. These are typically on a machine, and you can use the BlueSYSTEM SIGMA. You can use an autocollimator and laser interferometer as well.

Finally, the wylerSPEC allows you to integrate customer-specific measurements.

Trying It Out

You can test out each software from WYLER for free for two weeks. You will be able to download the license and then use the internet to request a test license. After two weeks, you will have to purchase a license if you want to keep using it. You will use the wylerCONNECT interface when you have the license.

Once you have gotten the license, you will get a hardware Dongle. That gives you an option to install that software on more than one computer. To use the software, you will move the Dongle to the computer that you want to use.

Turn to a Top WYLER Ag Distributor

Working with us gives you lower rates of on-field support and training, and we also offer service in case there is a breakdown. If you want to learn more about this system or our products, like the WYLER clinometer or WYLER inclinometer, contact Maintenance Diagnostic Systems, Inc. today.