Industrial Applications of a Linear Encoder

A linear encoder is an excellent choice for monitoring the position, control, and speed of systems such as AC motors, stepper driven systems, and servo motors. This type of device can provide feedback on a motor that operates with linear motions. When you use a linear encoder, you can reduce errors such as system lags and backlash. In general, you will find that linear encoders are fairly simple to use.

What Does a Linear Encoder Do?

When your motor has linear movements, the linear encoder can monitor these. Then you can get feedback with electrical signals. From these signals, you can gain information on the position and see if your motor is performing accurately. You can also gather important data about the direction, position, and velocity.

Types of Encoders

Linear encoder manufacturers offer absolute linear encoders. With an encoder, you can monitor direction, speed, or position. It can also count pulses. One of the benefits of an linear encoder is that it is often more cost-efficient than an absolute one.

However, if you want to have more precise information, you need to have an absolute linear encoder. This type of encoder can give you the motor’s exact location. It will give you reference marks that are distance coded. That way, you can save the real position location. This remains even if the power is off, which means you will never lose the location.

The tool can read the distance between two reference marks and then determine the direction traveled and the distance. It does not need a homing system, so there is more flexibility with the program.

When to Use Linear Encoders

The tool and die industry often uses this type of tool. It is ideal for milling and boring and grinding machines. A company will often attach the encoder to a lathe’s axes. That way, the machine can track the cutting tool’s path. For material handling, case packers, forklifts, conveyor belts, shrink wrappers, and other machines require a linear encoder. This allows a machine to operate accurately and quickly.

There are other types of machines that use encoders, as well. These include mobile lifts and harvesters. You can use them to track the movement of the shaft. If you need to do a task with precision and accuracy, an optical linear encoder can help.

Choose One of the Top Linear Encoder Manufacturers

When it comes to linear encoders, you can use them in a wide range of industries. Maintenance Diagnostic Systems, Inc. offers encoders from Heidenhain, one of the leading linear encoder manufacturers. Contact our company today to learn more about how your business can benefit from our products.