Improving Productivity with Machine Probing

When it comes to quality manufacturing of parts, precision is key. You need to be able to accurately measure so you can reproduce your results. This is at the heart of modern manufacturing. Machine tools have evolved to work with better techniques for taking measurements. The machines range in size from a micrometer to a full coordinate measuring machine (CMM probe).

Controlling the Process

One of the benefits of machine probing is the control of the process. Using machine tool probes, you can easily monitor the features that you are machining. In this manner, you can identify any mistakes. For example, when you are working with a difficult material, you may experience tool deflection. This means that the machine will remove a lower amount of material than expected.

This is often a problem because you will have to rework the material, and this takes extra time. However, by using a CNC touch probe, the machine can identify when the material is outside of the tool. This allows the machine to either adjust the cutter or alert the worker. Being able to verify the success of a pass can improve your machine’s productivity.

Tool Setting

Having the workpiece correctly positioned is vital, but so is the position of the tooling. If there is even a small flaw in a tool, your entire pass can fail. This will harm the piece you are working on as well as the tool and the machine. A CMM probe can detect inconsistent settings of tools. This allows your facility to avoid having a costly error.

Advanced Inspection of Parts

More advanced processes, such as additive manufacturing and five-axis machining, have allowed many manufacturers to create increasingly complex parts. However, to produce such complicated pieces economically, it is necessary to verify the vprocess.

You should especially consider multi-axis probing. This is a good choice for verifying complex shapes and deep holes in your machine orientation. Using a CNC touch probe to make these measurements helps you quickly adjust for any mistakes.

Hybrid Manufacturing

You can use machine tool probes to help you use hybrid machines. By using one machine for several processes, you will improve your productivity. Many shops have invested in machines that can support both additive and subtractive manufacturing.

Choose the Right Types of Machine Tool Probes

To get the right CMM probe, you need to have a trusted source. Maintenance Diagnostic Systems, Inc. offers probes from some of the industry’s top brands, including RENISHAW and HEIDENHAIN. If you want to have the highest accuracy in your measurements, then choose one of our probes. To learn more about our touch probes, contact us today to speak with a representative.