Importance of Strain Gauge Machine Tool Probe for 5-Axis Aerospace Parts

When it comes to manufacturing, time is valuable. In a manufacturing company, the business depends on the efficiency of its machines. This is where investing in probing tools becomes a worthwhile investment. Maintenance Diagnostic Systems, Inc. with Renishaw is providing such tools in manufacturing 5-axis aerospace parts. If you want to know the value of incorporating a strain gauge machine tool probe for such components, let’s review the facts.

Saves on Costs

Renishaw probe parts are effective in reducing a manufacturer’s expenses. It costs more when there are workers that inspect the finished products and set the positions of workpieces by hand. Without automation, a company relies on workers to check products before their release. This may be a valuable part of quality control, but it is time-consuming. Adopting a strain gauge machine tool probe allows the company to gain precision quality in manufacturing 5-axis aerospace parts.

Polishes Machining

The RMP600 strain gauge probe can refine the company’s machining process. In a manual setup, the CAD/CAM department workers provide precise machining work on 5-axis aerospace parts. This needs high-level skills. With the addition of Renishaw probe parts, the department always gets accurate measurements for a machine’s contours or small hole diameters. The RMP600 strain gauge probe needs just one calibration to deliver high-level accuracy.

Focuses on the Skills Gap Issue

Workers have different skill levels. If the production line does not have the right people, the company tends to encounter unnecessary problems. Some of these issues are machine damage, production delays, re-fixturing expensive parts, and accuracy problems whenever the machine parts move. The mentioned problems can mean losses for the company. In a non-stop production line for aerospace components, there is no time to train the operators handling the machines. By installing the RMP600, the machines have full automation, eliminating the need for offline checks for products and machines.

Reduces Manual Scraping

Machine tool probing is a more efficient way to set oil grooves and contact points on certain machine tool surfaces that must be pressed together. By installing RMP600, there is no need for hand scraping anymore. Currently, scraping is a manual procedure. It uses a flat scraper to remove metal from the surface of the machine tool. The RMP600 can do this with more accuracy and efficiency. There is no need for human intervention. This can help manufacturing companies, especially during the current pandemic.

Efficient Machine Operations

With RMP600 in your machine, you can be sure to have automatic, fast, and also, repeatable metal cutting setups for aerospace parts. The efficiency of your machine’s operation makes your company more capable of meeting deadlines. This results in more orders, especially high-value ones. For a Renishaw strain gauge machine tool probe, there are no problems when it comes to maintenance. Renishaw probe repair and calibration teams are always available to ensure the company’s compliance and performance.

Machine Tool Probing Cuts Costs and Provides More Efficiency

Customers in the aerospace industry are demanding more complicated work. It is a manufacturer’s job to keep up with the high level of expectations, especially in making 5-axis aerospace parts. Doing this needs more efficient inspection and machining processes. Probing removes the errors that workers tend to make on the production floor. This is what Maintenance Diagnostic Systems, Inc. can provide with their Renishaw probe parts. We, at Maintenance Diagnostic Systems, Inc., ensure high profitability and output through automation. If you want to know more about our products and services, feel free to call our office.