How Wireless Ballbar Systems Help Maximize Quality?

If you do not regularly maintain your systems and check them for quality, your company’s efficiency and accuracy can suffer. For instance, your CNC machine tools may no longer be accurate enough. As they lose their accuracy, they may cause more errors in your work. The good news is that with predictive maintenance and a wireless ballbar system, you can ensure that you are only creating quality pieces.

The Importance of Regular Maintenance

Maintaining your machine tools is critical so that they continue to perform well. That way, you will keep making the best parts and reduce the amount of wasted material. The staff on the production line are often responsible for that task. That means that the right training is critical.

It is equally essential to inspect your machine tools often. Calibration checks will ensure that everything is working smoothly. Using a diagnostic system can be helpful in that case. With a wireless ballbar system, you can become more flexible and make the job easier.

How It Works

If a predictive maintenance service determines your machine tool had ideal positioning performance, then the circular interpolation would have a perfectly circular path with any combination of two axes. With the QC20-W wireless ballbar, it is now easier to confirm that. The tool allows a company to compare the programmed and real paths to see if there are any inaccuracies.

The predictive maintenance tool has a highly accurate linear transducer. The ballbar itself goes between two of the magnetic cups. One of the cups goes on the machine tool spindle, and the other goes on the machine table. The advantage is that the setup allows the ballbar to see any differences in the radius as your tool moves along the programmed path.

The data from the tool moves to your computer through a wireless method. The information you gain through the process allows you to determine the positional accuracy of your tool.

The machine is also easy to use. You can view the data from the tool in either numerical or graphic ways. That means that you can easily determine if your machine tools have any errors with them. The right tool will come with several options. That might include extension bars in a variety of sizes, so you can use the tool with many machine tools. Overall, it makes the predictive maintenance process a breeze.

Choose the Best Predictive Maintenance Tools Today

If you want to benefit from using the right tools and services, Maintenance Diagnostic Systems, Inc. can help. We use Renishaw ballbar diagnostics to help you maintain the quality of your CNC machine tools. Feel free to contact us today to find out more about how working with us can help your company benefit through improved efficiency.