How Upgrading Your Calibration Program to Renishaw XI-80 Will Boost Work Performance

As a manufacturer, you know all too well how critical it is for machinery and machine tools to operate correctly. However, problems can arise. Even from normal use, machines slow down, begin to vibrate to the point of disrupting workflow and lose their capability to produce reliable and accurate results. This is where preventive and predictive maintenance comes into play.

Choosing a Source for Predictive Maintenance Services

To keep all your equipment and machine tools in optimal condition, you want to rely on a trusted source for predictive maintenance services. In particular, you should work with a company that offers predictive maintenance diagnostics and has vast experience with Renishaw products.

What Makes the Renishaw XI-80 Beneficial?

To understand how this Renishaw product can improve work performance, consider some of its unique features and capabilities. As an advanced calibration system used as part of preventive and predictive maintenance, it yields high accuracy. This system’s certified linear measurement accuracy is ±0,5 ppm for all ambient conditions.

There’s another reason why the Renishaw XI-80 stands out from other equipment used for predictive maintenance diagnostics and services. It offers fast calibration times. A drawback of many calibration systems is they take a long time to reset equipment back to the original manufacturer’s standards. That leads to production delays and loss of revenue.

This Renishaw product might be small and compact, but it doesn’t disappoint when performing predictive maintenance services. The design of this calibration system allows it to work quickly. So, rather than your employees sitting around waiting for the process to complete, they can continue with their job responsibilities.

Even the setup process for this Renishaw calibration system is straightforward to complete. Any other systems aren’t as easy to deal with. Again, that can lead to wasted time, which equates to a loss of money.

In-house and Outsourced Services

Considering the size and affordability of the Renishaw X1-80, it’s an exceptional piece of equipment that you could use in-house. With proper training, you could designate several employees to run scheduled predictive maintenance diagnostics.

At the same time, you can turn to a trusted source that provides preventive and predictive maintenance services. Either way, you’ll have an outstanding solution to keep your equipment in tip-top shape, promoting a healthier and more productive work environment.

We Offer Excellent Predictive Maintenance Services

If you decide to outsource calibration, we can help. Maintenance Diagnostic Systems, Inc. has the expertise you need. We also work on Renishaw products all the time, including the new XI-80 calibration system. Call today for more information.