How to Select Encoders for Semiconductor Machinery

For semiconductor machinery to achieve a meaningful nanometer level of precision without compromising on throughput, you know there’s a problem. The speed of the machine’s axis doesn’t matter if you’re not capturing accurate measurements. To correct this issue, consider one of the top-of-the-line exposed linear encoders.

Yes, achieving a high throughput is an important factor when operating semiconductor machinery. The same goes for its structural integrity and drive system. However, for the machine to reach optimum accuracy, speed, and stability, you need to rely on one of the best optical linear encoders available.

Choosing the Appropriate Encoders

Unfortunately, some businesses select the wrong type of encoder. That means they don’t get accurate information to improve the semiconductor’s performance. So, to determine if you need one of the best rotary or incremental linear encoders, you’ll need to know specific information.

For instance, will the environment consist of fluctuating temperatures, vibrations, or vacuum? Do any mechanical restrictions exist that could impact the space the encoder needs to include mounting? Also, before choosing one of the rotary or optical linear encoders available, what speed and level of accuracy do you need?

Measurement Standards

Another thing to consider is the device’s capability for measuring standard or the graduation using a scale tape? While it might not seem like a big deal, the line count on incremental linear encoders differs. The defined intervals should have resistance to contamination, which can impact both the back and front end of a semiconductor.

The right encoder should also have a high edge definition. Ultimately, the line count not only helps with improving performance but also keeps the machinery’s quality consistent.

Machine Standards

There are also standards for all the different components of semiconductor machinery. Regardless of the role, they’re all superior. So, whether you go with a rotary encoder or one of the leading exposed linear encoders, always work with a trusted source. That way, you know the device went through extensive testing, followed by verification. That means that the encoder you select will accurately predict performance.

For semiconductor machinery, many companies feel the most confident with optical linear encoders. In particular, a device manufactured by Heidenhain, because they know this company makes outstanding products. For this kind of encoder, you’ll benefit from accuracy grades as low as to ±0.5 µm, measuring steps down to 0.001, and an interpolation error of ±0.01 nm.

We’ll Help You Select the Right Encoder

Whether you buy one of the rotary or optical linear encoders that we offer, we guarantee excellent service and a superior product at a competitive price. Contact us at MDS Laser for more information.