How Rotary Calibration Can Improve Accuracy and Reliability

Today, industrial manufacturing companies face stiff competition. Because of that, they need to do everything possible to produce superior quality products. Whether that involves machine parts used for in-house purposes or components manufactured for consumer goods, there’s no room for error. That’s why the companies leading the pack take full advantage of professional CNC machine calibration services.

Multi-axis machining centers depend on CNC rotary tables. The reliability and accuracy of the table play a critical role in how the finished product performs throughout its lifetime. Machine tool calibration is the best way to avoid poor performance and indexing errors. The combination of high-tech machines and product calibration is what enhances the accuracy of a rotary table.

Companies can also use laser calibration services for this more advanced technology. Manufacturing a superior quality part or component makes a company more competitive. In turn, that leads to significant growth and success.

Potential Challenges That Require CNC Machine Calibration Services

When integrating any precision equipment into a machining center, you want to achieve consistent performance and accuracy. However, that can become a challenge long-term. After all, a rotary axis can experience uncontrollable events the same way that linear XYZ axes do. That can cause defective finished products.

Sometimes, those issues arise due to improper machine installation. However, they can also occur from wear and tear, as well as a collision that causes impact damage. Thankfully, machine tool calibration ensures reliable and accurate product indexing tracking and controlling.

Not only that, but with CNC machining and laser calibration services, even quality inspection processes also improve. This remarkable solution came to light, thanks to Matsumoto Machine Corporation. Founded in 1948, this company developed top-of-the-line jaw chucks and CNC rotary tables for industrial machine tool makers.

This company also developed and patented a worm and wheel gear assembly that minimized backlash. At the same time, it produced incredible accuracy, durability, efficiency, and long life. This unique design maximized gear surface contact area as well. That reduced problems caused by surface pressure.

The company’s CNC rotary table has unique characteristics. These include a large diameter through-old in the spindle. However, manufacturers still need to rely on professional CNC machine calibration services. Ultimately, the combination of this revolutionary rotary table and expert calibration gives manufacturers a huge advantage over competitors.

Machine tool calibration is a process that adjusts machinery so it’s precise and accurate. Often, new machines go to customers pre-calibrated. However, a trusted source can still calibrate new equipment, as well as existing equipment to guarantee optimal performance.

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