How Machine Tool Probe Has Modernized the Production of Forged Wheel and Car Chassis

While many industries face stiff competition, the automotive industry is in a league of its own. To achieve and maintain success, automakers constantly look for new opportunities. That includes design features, overall performance, and safety technology. One of the best options is to rely on Renishaw probe products.

Specialized Services and Technologies

When it comes to components for forged wheel and car chassis, leading automakers use the best. Many of those come from SuperAlloy Industrial Company, Ltd. This top supplier provides specialized services and technologies to many automakers, including Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, Bentley, Rolls Royce, and Jaguar.

To guarantee outstanding manufacturing processes, this company uses a CNC touch probe by Renishaw. In particular, they depend on systems such as OMP60, NC4, OLP40, and RMP60. However, recognizing the opportunity to take precision manufacturing to a higher level, other suppliers have started to follow suit.

Why Renishaw Probe Parts

Renishaw is another leading company. It produces the world’s best machine tool probing solutions. For one thing, the probe delivers measurement control during the probing process. For another, it provides data feedback in real-time on existing CNC machines. Combined, they yield extremely effective control over precision manufacturing.

Precision Aluminum Forged Wheel Rims

The process of forging wheel rims is quite complex. That’s especially true for low-volume and high diversity production. As part of this process, flexibility and adhering to strict standards within the work environment are key.

This is where the Renishaw CNC touch probe plays a critical role. This probe uses optical signal transmission. Also, it adapts to the turning processes. When integrated with CNC milling, machine tool probing measures the reference height and position of the workpiece. It also provides key data for dimension detection. As a result, production performance increases dramatically.

Overall, the correct CNC touch probe ensures that cutting dimensions remain consistent and stable. So, when forging wheel rims, this reduces the risk of human error. The probe achieves a tolerance for measurement control of less than 0.02mm. Also, it reduces rework by as much as 80 percent.

Renishaw Probe Products Also Benefit Chassis Manufacturing

With a CNC touch probe, manufacturers can produce precision aluminum alloy chassis. The result: Drivers have a more enjoyable experience. That includes more comfort, better safety, lower emissions, and even improved fuel efficiency. Especially when using one of Renishaw’s optical machine probes, automakers can exceed expectations.

Even though differences exist between forging wheels and chassis, machine tool probing makes calibration and measurement processes easier. Another advantage is that a Renishaw probe typically cuts down on the amount of time it takes to produce a chassis.

Top Quality Probing Solutions

Whether your company manufactures high-end automobiles or sedans used for family purposes, we offer the best Renishaw probing products. For more information, contact us at Maintenance Diagnostic Systems, Inc. today.