How Laser Calibration Providers Can Increase Productivity and Revenue

Working around your clients’ production schedule can be tricky sometimes, but the new Renishaw XL-80 has changed all of that. Since it has a short calibration and set-up time, it will avoid disruptions to your machine’s production. Plus, it comes with an environmental compensator that can eliminate influences from the factory, which can affect the accuracy of your measurements. This is part of the reason you want to choose the best CNC machine calibration services.

Providing a High Standard of Quality

Ultimately, the components that you machine are only as accurate as the equipment that makes them. That is why it is vital for companies to ensure the accuracy of their machinery, whether they are making laser cutters, lathes, borers, or other items.
This will help them maintain the high quality standard that the industry demands, especially if they make components for the automotive and aerospace industries. Plus, many clients want a machining subcontractor to provide evidence that their machinery is accurate and can conform to international standards. This is why so many companies today turn to providers of machine tool calibration services to evaluate their machinery.

Getting Faster Calibration

Many companies find that their processes become easier once they use the XL-80 system. It has a compact design, and this is apparent when companies calibrate machines. It has a magnetic base, so workers can take measurements that used to be a problem in the past. There are LED lights on the top of the XL-80, which make it easy to set up. The company can monitor the strength of the beam without having to go back to the computer.

Accuracy to Traceable Standards

The XL-80 system has a laser interferometer that has a linear measurement accuracy of a steady ±0.5 ppm, no matter what the conditions are. The results meet certain standards because Renishaw can regularly calibrate the equipment to give you more accurate results.

Many companies want to have their machines tested to make sure that they meet the quality requirements. Then they might get machine tool calibration services to ensure the continued accuracy of the results.

Choose a Trusted Provider of Machine Tool Calibration Services

Choosing a company like Maintenance Diagnostic Systems Inc. will ensure that you get a reliable provider of CNC machine calibration services. We have many years of experience in inspecting and troubleshooting machines. And if you are in need of calibration services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We offer machine calibration and medical equipment calibration under the Renishaw and HEIDENHAIN brands. Give us a call today to find out more about our services.