How Does Renishaw’s XK10 Speed Up the Process of Assembly Checks

For the industries that use machine tools, it’s imperative to achieve precision and reliability. Reputable manufacturers do assembly checks during production. CNC distributors can check the alignment as well at the time of installation.

Ultimately, this Renishaw product works much faster compared to other laser alignment systems. So, it improves operations for small and large-scale operations.

Introducing the Renishaw XK10

As you probably know, Renishaw is one of the most innovative manufacturers of predictive maintenance tools. So, when purchasing this brand, you can feel 100 percent confident in its ability. One device that a lot of industries rely on is the XK10.

One way to achieve optimal machine tool reliability and accuracy is by checking the alignment. Especially for machines that produce high volumes of parts and components, this step is critical. This is why so many companies turn to a trusted source for laser alignment services.

Many CNC distributors not only sell quality equipment but also provide specialized services. However, make sure the company has the necessary experience to enhance your machine tools’ throughput and precision. The best option is to go with a company that utilizes the Renishaw XK10 laser alignment system.

A particular company took advantage of the XK10 as part of its production process. Annually, it manufactures about 2,000 machine tools. This organization recognized that for both verifications and inspections, it needed to improve measurement efficiency.

The company needed a way to expedite alignment checks. So, along with some traditional calibration equipment, it relied on the Renishaw XK10. It quickly discovered how beneficial this device was for cast parts of larger dimensions. Overall, the XK10 surpassed the capabilities of other laser alignment systems.

Improving Inconsistencies

Other companies found that checking certain tools was far too inconsistent. For instance, other laser alignment systems failed when checking dial gauges, autocollimators, and granite squares. The XK10 proved to be a much more reliable and accurate solution. In many instances, companies completely stopped using other labor-intensive and inadequate methods.

There are several key points. First, predictive maintenance tools can identify a problem early on so that something small doesn’t become big. Second, for machine tools to perform optimally, proper alignment is critical. Third, using inconsistent laser alignment systems could put your company at risk of non-compliance.

Don’t Take Unnecessary Chances

You have two incredible choices. You can purchase an XK10 from one of the leading CNC distributors. That’ll give you confidence that the manufacturer checked the alignment. You can also benefit from alignment services provided by a trusted source. Either way, the goal is to make your machine tools more accurate and reliable.

For outstanding detecting and measurement capabilities, you won’t go wrong with the Renishaw XK10. Contact us at Maintenance Diagnostic Systems, Inc. for this device or specialized services.