How Does Laser Calibration Help in Cost Reduction and Accuracy Improvement

High-precision water cutting has the upper hand when it comes to processing media like composites and high specification metals. It has many applications, placing it a level higher than traditional CNC machines. The process of water cutting involves compressing water to a pressure of at least 4,000 bar. The pressurized water passes through special nozzles for proper direction. Companies maintain accuracy through proper calibration. Let’s review the facts if you want to know how laser calibration services can improve accuracy and reduce cost.

Improves Linear Accuracy

When magnetic linear encoders are removed, the rotary encoders in the drive motors become the source of positional feedback. These rotary encoders have always been built-in structures. Even so, users have always thought that they provide unreliable evaluations. This is because of the effects from the twisting of the ball screw and the variable distance.
In this scenario, the Laser 10 software and the Renishaw laser interferometer measurement system come in handy. The values of these machine tool calibration software are contrasted to the resulting value of the rotary encoder. The data is repeatable and can generate a compensation value for the set position. In the original design, the value of the positioning uncertainty can reach up to 0.2 millimeters per meter. With Renishaw Laser10, the accuracy is always more than 0.05 millimeters per meter. This comes with a software certificate.

Meets International Standards

The ML10 laser interferometer measurement system plays a role in the provision of reliable CNC machine calibration services. It uses a stable laser light wavelength. This stable wavelength helps submit performance verification to ISO 230-6. It also provides traceability of the measurements according to systems with ISO9001 certification. Meeting such standards makes Renishaw’s laser calibration services top-of-the-line.

Saves Time

Scale mismatch and backlash are two main sources of error. Yet, if the values of the QC10 Ballbar combine with them, engineers get to adjust them in 30-40 minutes. The Renishaw ballbar can determine and clarify the problem right away. Companies do not waste time bringing in service companies to diagnose the issue. They do not need to depend on only one person to pinpoint the problem as well.

Increase in Business

Back in 2002, the PTV machine was designed. It had a MEFI CNC control and a magnetic linear encoder system. In the beginning, there were issues with keeping an accurate division between the readhead and the encoder. This happens in distances of at least 6 meters. To solve the problem, MEFI suggested using the ML10 laser interferometer measurement system to determine the inaccuracies. Because of the efficiency of the PTV machine, there is increasing demand for the equipment. This equates to an increase in its manufacturer’s sales. The CNC machine calibration services by Renishaw allow companies to get more precise water-cutting machines.

Increase in Accuracy and Reduction in Costs With Effective Machine Tool Calibration

Many companies rely on PTV cutting machines because they are much more economical to run. Even if a PTV machine uses compressed water, it still needs calibration to be accurate in its work. This is when the ML10 laser interferometer measurement system, the Renishaw ballbar, and the Renishaw Laser10 come in. We, at Maintenance Diagnostic Systems, Inc., know how important it is to have precision-cutting machines. If you want to see how efficient our laser calibration services are, contact a company representative today.