Helping Machine Tool Builders Make Precise Parallelism Measurements

Renishaw offers a new XK parallelism kit, which provides machine tool builders an innovative method of making precise parallelism measurements. You will use the XK10 alignment system to do this. That way, you can measure the deviation of point to point straightness, as well as any angular misalignment between the nominally parallel axes. This makes the machine laser alignment process go much smoother.

Benefits of the XK Parallelism Kit

With the XK parallelism kit, you can improve the accuracy of the machine’s mechanical alignment while you are assembling it. That will make the alignment more visible, as well. The kit comes with a pentaprism that you can use to more accurately move the laser from the launch unit by 90 degrees. That way, you can align the part along the reference rail.

The benefit of this is that you will preserve the reference from your launch unit. Then you can compare it to the measurement rail. It will display the measurement digitally, so you can verify the parallelism of both the rails. That way, you can make any necessary adjustments while you are building it.

What Is the XK10 Alignment Laser System?

This system allows you to easily perform machine laser alignments while you are building and aligning your machine tools. This can eliminate the need for using artefacts. You can also use the system for your linear rails to make sure that they stay flat, level, straight, square, and parallel. You can also use it to assess your spindle direction and the coaxiality of your rotary machines. With the XK10, you can easily diagnose any errors and find out where they are coming from, whether it is part of regular machine laser alignment services or after a collision.

Choose the Best Company for Laser Alignment Services

When it comes to machine laser alignment, Maintenance Diagnostic Systems, Inc. offers the best range of services. We have an extensive selection of services for many different types of devices. You know how important it is to have precise readings. We do not limit ourselves to providing our machine laser alignment services to just one type of device.

Getting laser alignment can prevent you from losing valuable operating or production time. If there is even a tiny misalignment in one of your machines or devices, the whole machine, including the other moving parts, might experience negative effects. This can put some stress on your machine and cause the other parts to fail. By scheduling an alignment appointment with us, your facility can benefit. Contact Maintenance Diagnostic Systems Inc. today to learn how we can help.