HEIDENHAIN Technology for Machine Controlling and Measurement

When it comes to machine controlling and measurement, one company has the technology that exceeds expectations. HEIDENHAIN, founded by Dr. Johannes Heidenhain, develops and produces multiple solutions and focuses on demanding positioning tasks. That includes angle encoders, rotary encoders, CNC controls, and linear encoders. For machine tool calibration, HEIDENHAIN technology is unbeatable.

For high-accuracy machine tools, as well as manufacturing and processing systems for electronic components, this is the go-to solution. It’s essential to maintain proper positioning for high-tech production machines and systems. This is why a lot of manufacturers use professional machine tool calibration services that consist of the HEIDENHAIN technology.

Gaining a Competitive Edge in Milling and Turning

For both milling and turning, manufacturers must have full command of the complex procedures involved. This is what gives them a competitive edge. An excellent way to achieve this is by using machine tool calibration solutions based on the HEIDENHAIN technology.

Today’s consumers expect a lot. They want reliable, accurate, affordable, and safe products. To meet those demands, manufacturers have two main options. They can perform machine calibrations in house or turn to a respected company for outstanding machine tool calibration services.

Exciting Options for TNC Controls

Manufacturers rely on their machines to operate optimally. So, HEIDENHAIN came up with a host of new options, features, and hardware specifically for TNC controls. These make digital integration of machines into the process chain easier. Also, they scale up levels of process productivity, accuracy, and reliability.

The new TNC 640 is a perfect example of how proper machine tool calibration can take performance to the next level. Some of its key features include:

  • 24-inch widescreen
  • A split screen that allows users to display different applications side-by-side
  • Continuous monitoring of the spindle bearing load (This prevents damage to the spindle by not exceeding defined limit values.)
  • Cyclic monitoring of feed axes (This permits conclusions as to the wear of the ball screw, as well as any other expected failure.)

Whether calibrating in house or using trusted machine tool calibration services, the HEIDENHAIN technology is incredibly advantageous. It increases productivity, enhances reliability, and extends the life span of machines. Simultaneously, it dramatically reduces any unplanned machine downtime. Something like that could easily lead to unnecessary costs.

Trusted Calibration Services in Michigan

This is just one example of the HEIDENHAIN technology for TNC controls. Certain decoders determine the rotary and linear axes, as well as to measure and setup options. Maintenance Diagnostic Systems, Inc. (MDS) provides calibration services in Michigan and beyond using this impressive technology. Give us a call today to learn more.