Flexible and Cost-Effective Arc Encoder Range for Measurement Applications

Renishaw is a specialist in global meteorology tools, and they recently introduced a new assortment of encoder solutions for measuring partial arcs. This is the tool for you when you need a rotary encoder solution.

About RKL Encoder Scales

This is a family of narrow, thin, and robust scales. The extremely flexible scales are useful for a wide range of applications. For example, you can wrap them around arcs, drums, or shafts. Their radii are as low as 26 millimeters. Considering other kinds of tape scales, RKL encoder scales provide the best accuracy when it comes to measuring partial arcs. These will expand the range of capabilities for other encoders, like optical rotary encoders, that Renishaw has to offer.

You can find partial arc encoders in many different kinds of applications. This includes synchrotron mirror benders for performing beamline X-ray experiments. You can also find them in wire bonders when you are doing back-end semiconductor manufacturing. Usually, you will use them when you need to carry out angular and small movements. One of the benefits of them is that you can measure arcs around a larger radius of curvature than you can with a conventional rotary, or angle, scale.


You can conveniently cut each of the encoder scales to the length that you require. Then you can mount them on cylindrical substrates, and it is not required that you use complicated mounting features. You also do not need to use complicated alignment surfaces. You can use the partial arc across all of the variations of the RKL scale. They support both absolute and incremental measurements. You can use the following encoder readheads with it:

1. VIONiC™
4. TONiC™
6.  ATOM™

Every rotary encoder system that we offer has CE approval. Renishaw manufactures them in-house and has strict quality-control standards, ensuring that you get the best product possible. The rotary encoder manufacturer has ensured that they meet ISO 9001:2015 certifications. Every tool has a responsive support and sales network.

Where to Find Quality Optical Rotary Encoders

If you want to monitor your mechanical systems, then you need to have a rotary encoder. You can use it for many applications, such as robotics, optomechanical trackballs, industrial controls, rotating radar platforms, and even computer devices.

If you want to have your own encoder, then you should work with your Renishaw distributor for more information. Maintenance Diagnostic Systems Inc. will be happy to discuss any concerns you might have. We can offer solutions for rotary, linear measurement, and partial arc applications. We offer one-day training and actual field support at lower rates than the manufacturers. We are training now. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our solutions or the rotary encoder manufacturers that we work with.