Encoders Providing Precise and Reliable Solutions for Medical Technology

Medical technology is a sensitive industry for several reasons. Health is one of the most important things, and people often do not understand the complexities of medical-technical devices. Often, doctors have to try to get these fearful patients to better accept the devices. That’s why HEIDENHAIN distributors offer precise, reliable solutions – to try to take one more difficult thing off people’s minds.

Ensuring Comfort

It is important for doctors to ensure the maximum comfort for their patients. For example, that might include moving the patient smoothly on a dental chair or patient table. With reliable therapies and accurate diagnoses, the doctor can instill trust in the patient.

For example, to position a CT scanner, the doctor needs to be able to have extremely precise controls. To ensure high-precision control of medical technology, you can find a range of angle, linear, and rotary encoders from HEIDENHAIN. These will fulfill providers’ requirements for technology, and a good HEIDENHAIN encoder distributor will allow you to customize it. Some of the features include:

  • High accuracy when positioning.
  • Compact design.
  • Measurement with no backlash.
  • High availability and reliability.
  • High durability.

Linear Motion

Usually, you have to control and measure linear motions when you move the patient table. That means that the comfort of the patient is a concern. With the HEIDENHAIN encoders, you can adjust the table’s height easily so the patient can sit down. For today’s MRI and CT scanners, the patient can enter the scanning area while comfortably lying down.

The horizontal and vertical motions need to be smooth, so the patient feels more secure. In the scanning area, the patient needs to be in the right position before getting examined. Depending on the procedure, the patient might need to move through the area precisely, so the images end up being the right resolution.

High Accuracy and Patient Comfort With Linear Encoders

HEIDENHAIN offers absolute linear encoders that help make the patients as comfortable as possible, offering exact images. You can use these for all types of modern diagnostic equipment. You can easily transmit high-resolution, absolute position values quickly. That way, you can enable a dynamic closed-loop control for your patient table’s drive.

Patients will be more comfortable with the steadier motion, and they will not notice the deceleration or acceleration. With the absolute measurement, you can see the position values immediately.

Turn to a Trusted HEIDENHAIN Encoder Distributor

Maintenance Diagnostic Systems, Inc. knows that today’s technologies require high accuracy. That’s why we offer products like HEIDENHAIN CNC technologies and encoders. We can help you make more accurate medical diagnoses. We offer actual field support and one-day training, as well as maintenance in case of breakdowns. Our rates are lower than the manufacturer. Contact us today to learn more about the solutions behind the machines that help us move forward.