Encoders for the Future of Elevator Technology

Soon, elevators will no longer require switches to monitor the brake release. Instead, rotary encoders from companies like Heidenhain will be replacing them. They offer positional feedback, so you can control the elevator motors better. Plus, you can get more data to monitor the brakes. Keep reading to learn more about the advantages of magnetic linear encoders.

About the New Technology

In the future, elevators might no longer need any cables. A step toward this is Heidenhain’s new encoder solution, LINA 200 absolute linear encoder. And with products like the KCI 419 Dplus, you can get the safety and a lower amount of effort and time to cable, install and adjust the product. The device offers features such as:

  • Brake release monitoring
  • Motor feedback
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Transmission of digital data
  • Self-diagnostics capabilities

Besides transmitting rotational position values, the tool and exposed linear encoders can also measure the axial motion. When it gets coupled with the brake’s armature plate, the KCI 419 can detect the elevator’s brake stroke. Then the electronics can see if the brake is either engaged or released. It will also determine the amount of wear on the brakes.

Since it is so close to the brake and motor, the KCI 419 rotary encoder offers data on the temperature. Still, you do not need extra sensors to do so. You can then use that data to see if there are any malfunctions. You can transmit the parameters on one cable utilizing the interface, meaning the system cabling is simpler. Other advantages include better predictive maintenance and remote monitoring.

About Inductive and Incremental Linear Encoders

Elevators might someday be able to move in both directions, thanks to encoders such as the LINA 200 absolute linear encoder. It has a couple of tracks and has different signal periods on the tracks. Then it is possible to calculate the total positional value. Its design is U-shaped to add extra sturdiness and make the signals more robust. One of the features is that it has two tracks, not on a single plane. Instead, these tracks can face each other. The shape lets you scan the measuring standard from a couple of sides.

There is also a double-wall design, meaning it protects the scanning processes and graduation. If there is electromagnetic or mechanical interference, it will stay protected. The configuration means that the tool is lightweight but is also relatively stiff to ensure it is strong.

Pick the Best Source of Magnetic Linear Encoders for Your Business

When it comes to encoders, Maintenance Diagnostic Systems, Inc. has you covered. We can help you pick the right magnetic linear encoders for the job.