Effectively Using Touch Probes in Machine Tools

HEIDENHAIN offers a range of touch probes that you can use with ease for machine tools. Machining centers and milling machines can particularly benefit from these probes. One of the advantages of using touch probes is that you can reduce the setup time while improving the dimensional accuracy of your completed piece. Plus, probes let you increase the use time of each machine. When you are using a CMM probe, you can manually perform the monitoring, measuring, and setup functions, and when you use CNC controls, you can control these functions using the right program.

Features of Touch Probes for Machine Tools

The CMM touch probes from HEIDENHAIN offer many technically advanced features, including the integrated flusher and blower jets to clean your measuring point. These probes also have contact-free optical sensors. In addition, there are large deflection paths that have rated breakpoints in the styluses.

Effective Protection Against Collisions

The TS 460 has a mechanical adapter between the taper shank and the touch probe, which offers some more protection against collision. The reason is that it protects the housing on the touch probe.

If there is a small collision against a workpiece or a fixture, the CNC touch probe will easily absorb this shock. Plus, there is an integrated switch that can deactivate the signal, and the control will stop your machine.

The goal of this process is to prevent incorrect tilting motions from leading to permanent damage. With this collision protection process for the TS 460, you can compensate for smaller collisions. You will also be able to protect against damage to the machine parts, such as the spindle.

Infrared and Radio Signals for a Single Transmission

The TT 460 and TS 460 touch probes offer a combined signal transmission, and this can take the benefits of both wireless and infrared transmission and bring it together into one single system. The advantage of using infrared transmission is that you can use it in smaller machines that have enclosed work envelopes. On the other hand, you can use wireless transmission easily when you have larger machine tools.

Choose the Best Distributor of CMM Touch Probes

Grinding is a path that can lead to a perfect finish on your application. However, you need to have a strong grasp of the many grinding processes, and you need to be able to monitor the machining progress during the process. This is why HEIDENHAIN offers a high-accuracy and rugged TS 750 touch probe for your work processes. If you want to learn more about our CMM probe products, contact Maintenance Diagnostic Systems Inc. today to speak with one of our helpful representatives.