Communicate With Siemen Controls Made Easy By Rotary Encoders with DRIVE-CLiQ Interface

HEIDENHAIN is a leading developer and producer of high-tech control and measurement solutions. This company created a unique way to achieve position measurement in machines and production facilities. For those that use Siemens controls, HEIDENHAIN now offers absolute rotary encoders with DRIVE-CLiQ interface.

How An Absolute Encoder Works

With an innovative design, the encoder directly and safely supplies both position and operating data. Keep in mind that every application has unique requirements. Some examples include the level of encoder accuracy, data interface, and the demands on mechanics. To ensure optimal connectivity, manufacturers can choose between several variants of this magnetic rotary encoder.

Buy One Rotary Encoder With Multiple Possibilities

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this new encoder is that it provides a host of possibilities. As a result, machine manufacturers and facilities can select a solution that perfectly meets their demand for feedback control.

Below are just a few examples of the different magnetic rotary encoder options available. Each of these has DRIVE-CLiQ interface for Siemens controls. In particular, these include encoders with inductive and optical scanning. In many instances, they’re compatible in mounting dimensions. However, there is a difference between the two.

  • Encoder with inductive – This encoder is sturdy and is less sensitive to contamination.
  • Encoder with optical – Of the two, the optical encoder achieves higher accuracy.
  • Single- and multi-turn encoders – Both of these feature gears that count the number of full revolutions.

There are additional variants of the HEIDENHAIN rotary encoders. These include those with and without integral bearing. Manufacturers can even choose from different diameters and shaft types.

The diversity allows manufacturing companies to buy a rotary encoder based on specific needs. So, a manufacturer can increase the accuracy of a system’s motor or maximize its overall length simply by selecting the appropriate encoder.

Additional Properties

Many of the HEIDENHAIN magnetic rotary encoders with DRIVE-CLiQ interface boast additional properties. Some examples include:

  • Convertibility of the PT 1000 sensors and the KTY 84-130 semiconductor sensor to encoders with integral bearing to measure temperature.
  • Specific rotary encoders without integral bearing are suitable for applications with high mechanical loads.

Regardless of which magnetic rotary encoder with DRIVE-CLiQ interface a customer buys, they’re all safety certified and compliant with current standards. Included in the purchase are connecting cables and a diagnostic tool. Combined, manufacturers end up with an excellent solution that provides optimal control and measurement capability.

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